8 Essential Core Exercises for Women Over 40

Getting fit is a long and tiresome process, we all know that. There are some lucky ladies who can devote some time to your workout routine every day, there are those who can do that a couple days a week, and there are those who work out from time to time. Despite which group you belong to, sometimes you just find yourself thinking how sick and tired you are of this same routine, despite how effective it may be.

Who are we to judge you? Do not get all defensive at once, since what we are trying to do here is to introduce something new into your workout life. The set of exercises we are going to share with you today may be slightly different from what you are used to, but that does not mean that it is less effective. What is more changing a scenery, so to speak, may be something you need to boost the result.

Did we get your attention here? Great! So, what we are suggesting here is a set of 8 exercises which will not only strengthen your core, but also will make your usual workout a little bit different and fresher. Besides, there is no special equipment required which means you can work out at home, whenever there is any spare minute at your disposal. Isn’t it just amazing?

It is difficult to believe sometimes how something so simple may be so effective, right? But it does not matter the means what matters is the result!

1. Crunches

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2. Squat

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3. Basic Squat With Side Leg Lift


4. Leg Raises

5. Reverse Crunches

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6. Burpee

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7. Walking Lunge

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8. Frog jump


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