7-Day Flat Belly Workout Plan For Summer Weight Loss

Some people never need to lose a pound; they’re naturally slim, trim and toned.

They eat what they want, when they want – they are simply born with an incredible metabolism and unbelievable genes, staying slim is effortless!

Unfortunately, they are in the minority and most people need to work hard to maintain a slim figure and tight, toned muscles.

It’s not easy to lose weight and stay slim, there’s temptation everywhere and not all people enjoy rigorous exercise.

Bearing that in mind, what can you do to lose weight, effectively and with minimal pain and disruption?

We asked a trainer what can be done over a week to consistently lose weight and here it is.

This plan will help you to slowly shift one to two pounds a week and that’s genuinely the best way to get rid of fat.

Crash dieting is very bad for you, it plays havoc with your skin, hair and nails, it depletes energy levels and initially, the weight that comes off is just water loss.

Continue with crash dieting and your metabolic rate won’t work to the optimum so as soon as you start eating properly again, you’ll put on weight (and possibly even more weight than before).

Day 1 – Monday (Legs)

Start the week fresh.

Get a good night’s sleep on Sunday night so your energy levels feel raised.

This will also help kick-start your metabolism.

Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast, unsweetened porridge or scrambled egg whites on a piece of (unbuttered) wholewheat toast, a freshly squeezed juice and a cup of Green Tea (great for fat-burning).

Then, wait for half an hour and do some exercise!

Start with some cardio.

If you’re a beginner, brisk walking for 20 minutes is a great cardio exercise but whatever your level you need to raise your heart rate.

Then add in some strength training for the lower body.

You should try repetitions of squats, lunges, leg lifts, jumping jacks and burpees.

Do ten of each and repeat. Remember to drink water to rehydrate and follow a healthy eating plan for the rest of the day; avoid sugar, saturated fat and don’t overkill on carbs.

Day 2 – Tuesday (Chest)

Again, start the day with a good breakfast and do at least 20 minutes of cardio.

Day two focuses on your chest area.

These exercises are repetition-led, so do 15 of each three times in one session: plank, press ups, push ups (press up position, then lower each arm down to the elbow and push back up), single-arm chest press (with weights), bridge, bridge with chest press, one-arm press ups.

For the rest of the day, eat healthily, think carefully about choosing healthy snacks and if you can, walk instead of taking the bus/using the lift or escalator to boost your cardio.

Day 3 – Wednesday (HIIT)

Today is about HIIT training.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and that’s exactly what it is.

It is a series of exercises done in quick succession and interspersed with short breaks of 30 seconds to one minute.

Start your day with a good breakfast that isn’t fatty or high in sugar, then get HIIT training.

As an example, try this workout:

  • 30 seconds of skipping with a skipping rope
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds of jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds of rest
  • 30 seconds of jump-squats
  • 30 seconds of rest
  • 30 seconds of sit-ups
  • 30 seconds of rest
  • 30 seconds of step
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 60 second plank
  • 30 second rest
  • 30 seconds of burpees
  • 30 seconds of rest

Repeat (remember to stay hydrated)

Then, make sure you eat well for the rest of the day and try and factor in some extra walking wherever you can.

Day 4 – Thursday (Rest)

Enjoy another great breakfast to start your day and make sure you drink plenty of water for hydration; this is a rest day or a “take it easy” day.

You can still do some exercise but make it gentler on your body to allow adequate recovery.

Yoga is a good exercise for today and it’s excellent for promoting a leaner, stronger and more toned physique.

Alternatively, you could go for a swim or take a long walk.

Don’t use today as an excuse to load up on empty calories, you should still aim to eat a balanced diet without sugar or overloading the carbs.

Always drink plenty of water too.

Day 5 – Friday (Upper Body)

Back to work!

Start with a good breakfast and hydrate your body before getting your cardio.

This is about the arms and upper body.

You could go for a jog, run or brisk walk but try adding some small weights so your arms get more of a workout too.

When back from a 20 minute cardio session, start your weight training.

This is a four-round circuit, so you repeat it four times for best results:

  • Press ups (great for upper arms and chest) x 12
  • Bicep curls (hold weights in either hand and bend your arms from the elbow upwards) x 12
  • Plank (60 seconds)
  • Overhead weights (using the same arm weights hold your forearms out to your side so there is a 90-degree angle between your elbow and forearm, then lift the weights to over your head and gently bring your arm back down to the 90-degree position x 12
  • Stand up and place a band underneath each foot, with the top of the band wrapped around your wrists. Then, lift the band as high as it will go (with a bend in your elbow) and back down again x12

Eat well for the rest of the day and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Day 6 – Saturday (Circuit Training)

Following a healthy, nutritious breakfast and hydrating your body move onto a circuit training workout.

This type of workout can be any circuit training at your gym or find a local class.

Alternatively, Pilates is a good, strong workout that will help to tone all over.

You’ll want to do some abs (sit ups or crunches), Leg raises (lay on your back and lift one leg as high as it will go, then lower slowly but without touching the floor – repeat 10 times and then switch legs), plank (good for all training), press ups, leg bicycles, leg extensions (lay on the floor, hold your knees off the floor with your arms and then stretch out your legs in front of you but low without touching the ground. At the same time, extend out your back so it is slightly raised from the floor).

All of these exercises should be repeated 10 times each.

You should factor in some cardio as well, to boost fat-burning and obviously eat well for the rest of the day, while staying hydrated too.

Day 7 – Sunday (Back)

After a good breakfast and rehydrating your body, you’re going to focus on your back!

Start with 20 minutes of your chosen cardio, then using some weights, it’s time for exercise:

  • Deadlifts x 10
  • Reverse butterfly x10
  • Upper back lifts x 10
  • Full plank 60 seconds
  • Side plank 30 seconds each side
  • Renegade row (a combination of a press up while holding small arm weights, lifting one arm off the ground, replacing and lifting the other arm of the ground) x 10 each arm

Then, take a break!

Eat well all day, hydrate and congratulate yourself for a brilliant week of exercise.

You should start to see some real results, especially if you continue this regime.

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