3 Steps to Eliminate Neck Pain in About 10 Seconds

If you use your mobile phone or a computer for many hours, you probably have problems with your muscles and joints. The area that supports the most tension is usually the neck area. Nowadays it has become very common for people to suffer from a certain stiff neck in their daily life.

Today we bring you some simple tips to ease this stiffness.

What causes stiff neck?

The reason many people experience stiff neck is often poor posture or weak muscles. For example, if you spend many hours staring at a computer screen or your phone in a static position, your joints and muscles are overextended and tire quickly.

Once the muscles of the neck are exhausted, they make it difficult to move to the sides, causing muscle pulls or nerve damage. This leads to the feeling of stiffness and pain that can last for days and even weeks.

Solutions for neck stiffness

Stiff neck is not usually considered a medical emergency, but if you do, it can be quite annoying. There are some techniques to help alleviate such pain such as a 60 second massage that will do wonders for relief.

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Locate the area of ​​color and press firmly on the knot while slightly bending the neck in the opposite direction from the injured area.

Repeat this 20 times in a row and proceed to stretch your neck to relax your muscles.

Other solutions to relieve neck stiffness:

-Alternate the use of hot and cold towels.

-Do gentle activity.

-Sleep on a firm mattress.

-Wear a cervical collar to reduce pressure.

However, the method that seems to be almost immediate is the one we explain below. It consists of placing yourself on your back with a rolled towel under your shoulder.

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The opposite arm has to cross your body as you slowly breathe in and out.

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In a matter of second, remove the towel and you will notice how you are more relieved.

Youtube care4body

Here we leave you the complete video

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