6 Moves for a Perfect Butt: A Quick Butt Workout

I went home here, and returned from there with a suitcase of food and a booty a size larger than the one with which I left for my mother (“I know that you eat there in Amsterdam all day, only salads – here, pate, cucumbers, brisket I wrapped a smoked one for you! ..”).

My willpower is powerless against my mother’s pâtés, which is already there.

With an overgrown booty, I have a short conversation: a bike and a favorite workout that allows you to quickly restore the tone of an unbelted fifth point.

It should be noted here that in general I am one of those who gain excess weight in the first place in the priest, and therefore, in terms of “butt” training, you can consider me an expert, I have tried them all. P90X, ButtAxe, Brasilian Butt – you name it.

By and large, the movements in different programs are the same, the recommendations are the same: training should be combined with cardio, you need to take breaks so that the muscles recover, gradually increase the load and work with this zone with a given regularity so that the work does not go to waste.

Butt Workout

The MOD program bribed me with conciseness and simplicity: this workout consists of only 6 movements that work out all the muscles that form the coveted “peach” from different angles.

Just 15 minutes.

No complicated equipment. In general, what a girl who lives far from a fitness center in a small apartment needs. I do this complex 3 times a week (well, I try), usually after a short run or bike (30-40 minutes for everything).

1.Stand Lunge

From a standing position, take a step back with your left foot, bending your right leg at an angle of 90 degrees. Stretch your arms forward, transfer your weight to your right leg, straighten your left leg and, slowly rising on your right leg, lift your left leg off the floor.

Try to stretch your left leg and arms parallel to the floor. Slowly lower your left leg, touch the floor and raise it again parallel to the floor. Lower your leg, come out of the pose, stand up straight, repeat. Do 20 repetitions on each side.

2. Leg Lift

Stand with support on the left leg and arms, straighten the right leg. Trying to keep the torso parallel to the floor (engaging the abdominal muscles), swing the right leg up diagonally, then bend it in front of you and once again swing it diagonally up. Lower the leg to the starting position, do 20 repetitions on each side.

3. Table Leg Raise

We get on all fours, take the right leg to the side diagonally, at the count of “times” we lift it up (we hold the body straight without bending in the back), at the count of “two” we bend and wind it back, at the count of “three” we return it back, at the expense of “four” we return to the starting position (we lower it down). 20 reps per side, nothing new.

4. Weight Lifting

This exercise gives the pope the desired bulge, the weight of the dumbbell can be increased gradually, start with the lightest. Lie down on your stomach, legs straight. We put a dumbbell on the bend of the right leg, bend the leg, hands under the chin. On the count of “one” we raise the leg from the dumbbells up (as far as possible, the main thing is to tear the thigh off the floor), on the count of “two” we return to the starting position. 20 repetitions on each side.

5. Mahi With Support

We take a chair, stand up straight, hold our hands behind the back. At the expense of “one” we raise the knee to the back, at the expense of “two” we take the straight leg back, the body forward. On the count of “three” we slightly bend the allotted leg, on the count of “four” we again take it back. We return to the starting position. 20 repetitions on each side.

6. “Half Bridge”

This exercise quickly strengthens the buttocks and the back of the thigh, and helps to form a beautiful butt geometry. We lie down on our back, bend our legs at the knees, put a folded towel under the heels, toes of the feet up. On the count of “one”, we tear off the ass and lower back from the floor, trying to form a corner (a straight line from the shoulders to the knees). On the count of “two” we arch our back, trying to raise the ass another 10 cm higher, on the count of “three” we return to the “corner”, on the count of “four” we lower the butt to the floor, returning to its original position. 10 repetitions (this is the most difficult movement).