5 Exercises That Will Transform Your Whole Body in Just 4 Weeks

Upon reading the title above, you might wonder if it is really possible to transform your body in one month. We all want to get fit and healthy as much as possible, but the problem is, not all of us can afford the time to go to the gym.

There are some people who prefer doing their daily routine at the gym with their expensive membership. Whilst there are people who like to keep it simple just by eating less, but healthy and doing their routine regularly at home.

So stop worrying about whether you’ll start cutting your favourite foods in your meal plan and start performing intense exercises every single day just to transform your body. In this article, we will help you to transform your whole body composition by providing you with five exercises that you can do every day at home.

You will start seeing improvements in your waistline size and your overall body in less than a month! You may not achieve the body of your dreams in such a short period of time, but these exercises will guarantee you the feeling of being one huge step closer to this once unattainable goal.

Having said that, many require workout accessories to help us. That’s why choosing the best workout accessories would be a big help.

So make sure you look for the best workout accessories that suit you before trying these exercises out.

Try These 5 Simple Exercises to Transform Your Body

1. Plank

A plank is a bodyweight and physical exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles. So, instead of using dumbbells, you use your body weight to build strength.

To know more about how planking can tone your entire body, feel free to read Tone Your Entire Body with These 5 Easy Plank Exercises. You can check out the 3-minute Plank workout below courtesy of Bowflex on YouTube.

2. Push-ups

This type of exercise is considered one of the basics yet one of the hardest things to do. If you’re looking for a great way to build your upper-arm strength in addition to a stronger core, then you might want to add push-ups on your regular routine.

Make sure your body is properly aligned to do it correctly. If you’re new to push-ups, you can adjust the reps, and once your body is fond of this exercise, you can challenge yourself by increasing the sets.

You can check out the 5-minute at-home push-ups workout below courtesy of Onlykinds Fitness [5 Minute Workouts] on YouTube.

3. Squats

A squat is not just known as a leg exercise, but it also promotes body-wide muscle building by catalyzing an anabolic environment. It promotes mobility, balance and helping you complete real-world activities with ease.

Research shows that when a squat is done properly, it can improve knee stability and strengthen connective tissue. This exercise should be a part of virtually everyone’s fitness routine, as they provide whole-body benefits.

You can check out the 5-minute thigh and butt home workout below courtesy of FitnessBlender on YouTube.

4. Bird-Dog

This exercise will strengthen and improve the endurance of your muscles by positioning yourself on hands and knees. You can check out the Bird dog exercise workout below courtesy of Howcast on YouTube.

5. Lying Hip Raises

This exercise doesn’t only target your glutes and hamstrings but it also strengthens your abs, back and thighs. You can check out the YouTube workout below courtesy of LivestrongWoman.

The Four-Week Plan

Workout #1

  • 1 minute  Plank;
  • 1-minute Push-ups
  • 2 minutes  Squats;
  • 1-minute Bird-dog;
  • 1-minute Lying hip raises;
  • 1 minute  Plank;
  • 1-minute Push-ups
  • 2 minutes  Squats;

Rest for 10 seconds between exercises.

Workout #2

  • 3-minute  Plank;
  • 3 minutes  Bird-dog;
  • 3 minutes  Lying hip raises;
  • 1-minute Push-ups;

Rest for 15 seconds between exercises.

This is performed 6 times per week, followed by one rest day :


Day 1 – Workout #1
D-2 – Workout #2
Day 3 – Workout #1
D-4 – Workout #2
Day 5 – Workout #1
D-6 – Workout #2
Day 7 – Rest


Day 1 – Workout #2
D-2 – Workout #1
Day 3 – Workout #2
D-4 – Workout #1
Day 5 – Workout #2
D-6 – Workout #1
Day 7 – Rest

Switch back to week 1 after you complete week 2. There you have it!

We hope that this article will help you to transform your body with these five simple exercises, one step at a time in less than a month.


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