8 Exercises and Yoga Asanas to Melt Away Belly Fat

8 Exercises and Yoga Asanas to Melt Away Belly Fat

When we find it difficult to get into the jeans we used to wear a couple of months ago, we realize that it’s time to start exercising. Many of us are not enthusiastic about spending hours at the gym, but recent studies have shown that even 15 minutes of exercise per day can effectively burn fat and … Read more

7 Flat Belly Exercises That You Can Do In a Chair

As a general rule, we are grateful for our jobs. However, one thing that you definitely don’t like about your desk job is how it has affected your health. People find it quite hard to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while working 9 to 5. And though the long-term implications are scary enough (cardiovascular … Read more

Is Milk Bad For You? What 30 Studies Have to Say

For years, milk has been touted as one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It’s packed full of protein, calcium, and other nutrients, and it’s delicious to boot. It’s also hugely popular among bodybuilders and people just generally interested in improving their body composition. If you go asking around the gym for the best way … Read more