7 Japanese Exercises That Are Perfect for the Female Body

Did you know that Japanese women have been holding the world record for longevity for more than 25 years? They do not get old and amaze the world with their ideal physical shape. It is no wonder since exercising (supported by healthy eating) is one of the great secrets of perfection in Japanese culture. Fit Body Media wants to introduce you to some exercises developed by Katsuzō Nishi that help women fill their body with … Read more

50 Weight Loss Tips that Work

Many of us think the key to losing weight boils down to two simple concepts: exercising more and eating less. In reality, however, that’s a common misconception, and miles far from the case! Shedding pounds and melting fat doesn’t come from purely calorie counting or sweating it out on the treadmill. Instead, achieving your weight … Read more

5 Moves That Reduce Side Fat

Struggling to banish side fat? Tried hundreds of situps with no success?Unfortunately…side fat is often the last to go.Even worse: Most people are destroying their chances by performing ineffective exercises.  Maybe it’s time to shake up your workouts? These proven side fat exercises will melt side fat. Often referred to as “love handles,” side fat is not only unsightly, but … Read more

Cardio Workouts for Women: 9 Best Cardio Exercises

Going to the gym can sometimes feel like a drag, but the health benefits of regular exercise are worth the effort. Cardio exercises are an essential component to help women maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what are cardio workouts? Are some cardio exercises better than others? We’re diving into the best cardio workouts for women, … Read more

Morning Yoga Routine For Beginners

Last week I shared with you a quick 5-minute cardio routine to get you up and going in the morning. Exercise is so important in our lives and yet our regular excuse (myself included) is that we don’t have time. So I have started a little series here in the Bonbon Break Bedroom of get up, exercise, … Read more