“Woman Declared ‘Dead’ for 27 Minutes: The Eerie Message She Wrote Upon Awakening”

After her harrowing brush with death, Tina Hines awoke and urgently scribbled a chilling message for her loved ones.

Back in February, Tina and her husband Brian were eagerly anticipating a hike near their Phoenix, Arizona home. Tina, who had always enjoyed good health, suddenly collapsed just as they were about to set off.

Brian’s quick thinking kicked in as he knelt beside his wife, her skin taking on a terrifying shade of dark purple. He began performing CPR desperately, bringing her back from the brink momentarily. But it was only after several more resuscitations by the paramedics that Tina returned to the land of the living. She had faced death a total of six times during the ordeal, with each revival feeling like a tenuous thread of life.

According to Tina and her family, she was essentially gone for 27 minutes in total. The journey to the hospital was fraught with peril as she repeatedly slipped away, only to be brought back from the brink again during treatment.

While at the hospital, Tina found herself intubated and unable to speak. Yet, as soon as she regained consciousness, she urgently signaled for a pen. With shaky hands, she wrote a cryptic message: “it’s real.” It was a reference to the heavenly vision she claimed to have experienced during those 27 minutes of being “dead” after her severe cardiac arrest.

Tina tried to convey to her family just how vivid and tangible her experience had been. “It was so real,” she told AZfamily.com, her eyes filled with emotion as she remembered. She described seeing a figure standing before dark gates, bathed in an intense yellow light that she believes was Jesus.

When asked about the authenticity of her experience, Tina simply nodded upward, a gesture that spoke volumes.

Tina’s miraculous survival was nothing short of a miracle, thanks in large part to her husband’s unwavering CPR efforts. Outside the hospital, nearly 90% of individuals who suffer sudden cardiac arrest do not survive. In Tina’s case, Brian’s CPR made all the difference.

Tina’s incredible story deeply inspired her niece, Madie, who got her aunt’s message tattooed on her wrist as a testament to the power of love and survival.

The importance of bystander CPR cannot be overstated. It significantly raises the chances of survival during cardiac arrest, increasing the odds from a mere 10% to over 45%. Unfortunately, women are still 27% less likely to receive CPR from someone other than a paramedic, highlighting the need for greater awareness and education.

Cardiac arrest remains a silent, unpredictable threat, affecting over 356,000 people in the US each year. Even individuals like Tina, with no history of cardiac problems or health issues, can suddenly face a life-threatening heart malfunction.

Scientists are gradually unraveling the mysteries of “Near-Death Experiences” (NDEs), although the majority of people have no recollection of the brief periods they were technically dead. However, a remarkable 10 to 20 percent report vivid visual or sensory NDEs.

Recent research hints at what might happen in the brain when the heart ceases to beat. A 2013 University of Michigan study on rats observed a surge in brain activity just before each animal’s death during cardiac arrest. This activity resembled a highly aroused and ordered brain, appearing “hyperactive.”

This raises intriguing questions about NDEs and whether they might be linked to this surge of conscious brain activity, giving individuals a glimpse of what they anticipate after death. Yet, definitive scientific proof remains elusive.

Although Tina’s message may have been scrawled with trembling hands, her family believes the essence was crystal clear: heaven is indeed a real place.

Please share this extraordinary story with your family and friends to inspire hope and celebrate the power of survival and love.

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