Violinist’s Former Bully Requests Performance at Wedding — Her Response is Unforgettable

She was taken aback by a surprising proposition from her former tormentor, who had made her middle school days miserable because of her passion for music: an invitation to perform at her wedding, completely free of charge!

Tiffany Moore unveiled the audacity of the request through screenshots she shared on social media. To uncover the unfolding saga, read on!

The message from her erstwhile bully began with a chipper “Hey girl!! It feels like ages ago. I’d love for you to grace my October wedding ceremony with your violin performance. Not only would it be the perfect gift, but you could also use the photos and videos to enhance your performance portfolio. Win-win!”

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Tiffany had no need for assistance in bolstering her portfolio, boasting an impressive array of skills including mastery of the violin, piano, ukulele, guitar, viola, cello, voice coaching, music theory, and songwriting. She even boasted numerous accolades from The Knot, an esteemed online platform connecting engaged couples with local wedding experts.

Responding promptly and forthrightly, Tiffany didn’t hold back. “Hey there. Firstly, it’s rather bold of you to assume I’d offer a $2,500 service for free. Secondly, let’s not forget how you relentlessly tormented me during our middle school days while I was in the symphony. And thirdly, as for assembling my portfolio, just so you know, I’ve been recognized by The Knot and Wedding Wire for six consecutive years. My ‘portfolio’ dates back to when I was twelve. With 19 years of experience in the wedding industry, I believe I’m quite capable.”

The bride-to-be wasn’t pleased with Tiffany’s response, deeming her services “overpriced” and requesting a special discount to “help a girl out.” “It’s not complex music I’m after, but I really want violin music for my big day,” she pleaded. “I want us to be friends and move past the past.”

Unconvinced by the sudden change of heart, Tiffany declined the offer, asserting, “Thanks, but I already have friends. I can’t indulge your ignorance.” She retorted, “My services are considered luxury offerings. Clients prefer investing in top-tier entertainment on their wedding day, provided by a seasoned professional with exceptional skills, premium instruments and equipment, and expertise in executing flawless weddings. That’s why they choose me, darling.”

Persisting surprisingly, the bride asked, “So, are you available on October 3rd? Thursday it is. I can offer you $1,000, but that’s my final offer, and it’s not a bad deal for less than an hour of playing! PLUS, you’ll get plenty of exposure since there’ll be 300 guests!”

Tiffany couldn’t resist a nod to the iconic movie Mean Girls, known for its depiction of high school bullies. “I have to decline your $1,000 offer and refuse to work for ‘exposure,'” she continued. “If you charge your 300 guests $5 each for entertainment, you can afford to hire me. Even if we disregard the absurdity of the ‘exposure’ proposition, the answer remains a resounding no. As Phoebe Buffay once said, ‘I wish I could, but I don’t want to.'”

The bride’s tone turned hostile. “What the heck, b**ch, who’s the mean chick now? Go whine about being too greedy and not being able to pay your expenses,” she snapped. “Besides, you suck and you’re not even worth it.”

Tiffany remained cool and collected. “Aww, I’m so sad,” she remarked mockingly. “But I’m out of tissues, so I’ll have to use the gratuity I received this weekend from my clients to wipe my tears.”

Social media users quickly noticed the exchange and praised Tiffany for standing up for herself. Tiffany later updated her followers, sharing that the bully had threatened legal action after seeing the screenshots online. However, Tiffany wasn’t worried about any legal consequences since she hadn’t included the woman’s name in the posts.

Tiffany addressed her followers on Instagram stories, saying, “It’s clear that 7 million of you are concerned about the bullying situation. I appreciate your kind words and your support. When one person stands up to a bully, we all feel empowered.” One user commented, “As someone who was also bullied, this feels like a win for all of us.”

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