Heroic Woman Rescues Sleeping Fawn Under Car Tire with Thoughtful Note

In our local community, it’s always prudent to check under and around your vehicle for any wildlife seeking shelter. When a compassionate woman noticed a baby deer peacefully napping beneath a stranger’s car tire, she felt compelled to take action.

Wanting to ensure the driver was alerted to the deer’s presence, she posted a message on Facebook, sparking widespread attention and support.

The responses were heartfelt and occasionally humorous. Joshua Kevin Nye’s comment is the most well-liked one thus far:

“You know it was an elderly woman, but how? Why, if you saw her, didn’t she just write a message instead of telling you there was a blasted deer under the tire? I’m looking for clarification!”

Another comedian expressed their hope that the motorist was literate, adding, “I suppose you can’t always make that conclusion from the way some people drive.”

Cynthia Atkinson was among the kinder individuals who appreciated the woman’s action:

“Thank you for leaving the note, kind woman.

Thank you, Cynthia. One has to admire the heart of those who, rather than carrying on with their lives as usual, choose to make a difference.

Would you have continued with your day, left a note, or tried to coax the deer out from under the car?”

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