Dad of 3 Living in Tent Gives Last $2 to Stranger at Gas Station, Wakes up Owning a Big Company — Story of the Day

Brandon, a destitute and homeless man, selflessly offers his final $2 to an elderly stranger in need at a gas station store. To his astonishment, the very next day, he inherits the man’s company. Believing this to be the beginning of a fresh start for his family, Brandon soon discovers that a formidable adversary is determined to strip him of his newfound fortune.

Clutching his paper cup filled with spare change, Brandon shuffled into the gas station store. As he neared an aisle, a loud voice caught his attention. Turning his head, he saw a line of impatient customers standing behind an elderly man who seemed hard of hearing.

“I apologize, ma’am, could you repeat what you said about the water?” the elderly man inquired, struggling to make out the cashier’s words.

“Money!” the cashier sighed in frustration. “I said you don’t have enough money, sir!”

“Yes, it was a sunny day!” the man responded with a furrowed brow, misunderstanding the cashier’s response.

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“You need more cash for the water!” A younger man standing behind the elderly gentleman grabbed his shoulder and shouted into his ear, causing him to flinch.

Brandon observed the situation closely, feeling a tug of compassion. However, he hesitated to intervene, fearing backlash from the other shoppers. Meanwhile, the elderly man explained that he didn’t have enough cash and asked if he could purchase a smaller bottle of water as he needed to take his medication.

“If you can’t pay, then leave!” the cashier barked.

“Can I go?” the elderly man asked with a smile, turning to leave. But before he could exit, the cashier lunged across the counter and snatched the water bottle from his hand. “Just get out, old man!” she hissed. “You’re too much trouble!”

“Yeah, beat it, old fart!” a woman in the middle of the queue jeered.

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The elderly man’s pleas for understanding about his medication needs fell on deaf ears.

Brandon reached his breaking point. He strode up to the cashier and offered to pay for the older gentleman’s water.

“Show some compassion, please,” he urged, emptying his cup onto the counter. The cashier regarded him with disdain as she counted the money.

“That should cover it,” she declared, collecting all the money, including Brandon’s last $2. “Now move along. You’re holding up the line.”

Abandoning his can of beans on the counter, Brandon handed the water to the elderly man.

“Here you are, sir. I’ve got your water,” he said slowly and distinctly, ensuring the man could see his face for lip-reading if necessary. Gratefully, the man thanked him. They exited the store together, with Brandon intending to return to his tent on the patch of ground nearby. However, the older man stopped him.


Brandon turned around, curious about what the man had to say.

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“Why did you help me when you obviously needed the money?” the older man inquired, his gaze shifting between Brandon’s tent and his eldest daughter assisting her siblings with washing up in a bucket.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being homeless, sir,” Brandon responded, “it’s that the world functions when people extend kindness to one another. Unfortunately, it seemed nobody was willing to lend a hand at the store.”

“But what about your kids? What will they eat?” the older man persisted, noting the beans Brandon had left behind on the counter.

“We still have some bread from yesterday, and there’s a chance I’ll find some scraps at the fast food joint across the street,” Brandon assured him. “We’ll manage.”

With a contemplative frown, the man walked away, leaving Brandon to ponder. Observing the man climb into a gleaming SUV, Brandon couldn’t help but wonder why someone seemingly affluent couldn’t afford a simple bottle of water.

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The next day, as Brandon was divvying up cold fries among his three children, a silver sedan pulled up near his tent. A man in an impeccably tailored suit emerged and approached him.

“Good morning, sir. Mr. Grives’s final wish was for me to deliver this to you,” he said, handing Brandon an envelope.

Setting aside his task, Brandon accepted the envelope and withdrew a letter from within.

“Dear Sir,

Yesterday, your selfless act of kindness touched me deeply. Your unwavering belief in doing good for others has inspired me to repay your generosity in the most profound way possible: by bequeathing you my business.

As my time in this world draws to a close, I’ve grown apprehensive about leaving my company to my son. I’ve come to realize that he is a selfish and entitled individual with a heart hardened by greed. It would greatly ease my conscience to know that you, with your exemplary character, will inherit the company instead. All I request is that you ensure my son is cared for and can continue to lead a secure and comfortable life.

However, I must caution you that my son will not accept this decision willingly. He will likely go to great lengths to seize control of the business. You must remain vigilant.”

“Is this some sort of prank?” Brandon questioned, looking up at the man in disbelief.

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The man produced a stack of printed papers along with a pen. “Mr. Grives was quite serious. Once you sign these papers, it will become official. You’ll inherit his company along with other personal assets.”

“But I only met him yesterday. And now he’s gone, leaving me everything?” Brandon questioned as he carefully examined the documents. Though he had fallen on hard times, Brandon was no stranger to legal jargon and had previously managed several small businesses.

“I understand your reservations, sir, but these papers were drafted by top-notch lawyers. Mr. Grives was very clear about his intentions. We simply need to insert your name, and the lawyers will handle the rest.”

This was Brandon’s opportunity to provide his children with a brighter future, so he hesitantly signed the documents. Soon after, the man drove Brandon and his children to their new home.

As they approached, Brandon gazed in awe at the grand colonial-style mansion standing at the end of the driveway.

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“Can we put up a tent under that tree with pink flowers?” little Derrick asked eagerly.

“We’re going to live inside that house, silly! Right, Dad?” Kelly chimed in.

Brandon nodded, though he could scarcely believe it himself. However, as he pushed open the double doors, a sinking feeling washed over him. The house was in disarray—furniture overturned, artwork damaged, and belongings strewn about.

In a panic, Brandon rushed to the car, instructing the driver to call 911. Hours later, amidst the wreckage, he conversed with the police.

“We’ve searched the entire premises and found no signs of forced entry, sir,” the officer explained. “It appears the security system was deactivated using the correct code, suggesting the perpetrator had legitimate access.”

“Are you saying someone with a key did this?” Brandon asked incredulously.

“It’s a possibility. I recommend changing the locks,” the officer advised. “Whoever vandalized the property seemed to be searching for something and became agitated when it wasn’t found.”

As the officers departed, Brandon couldn’t shake the suspicion that the elderly man’s son was behind the destruction.

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The next day, Mr. Grives’s secretary arrived promptly, whisking Brandon away for a makeover at the barber and a shopping spree before escorting him to the company premises. As Brandon settled into Mr. Grives’s former office, intending to peruse the computer files, the tranquility was shattered by the abrupt entrance of a middle-aged man in a somber suit.

“You must be Brandon!” the man announced, swiftly closing the door behind him. “I’m Christopher, one of Mr. Grives’s former business associates, and I’m here to spare you from a world of trouble.”

“Pardon me? What trouble?” Brandon inquired, his brow furrowing in confusion.

With a smug grin, Christopher elucidated that he managed sales for one of Mr. Grives’s “specific” enterprises—promptly revealing its illicit nature. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Brandon adamantly refused to partake in any unlawful activities. However, Christopher was relentless.

“Listen here, you fool! Grives owed me $2 million for overseeing the shady dealings of his enterprise! Now that you’re in charge, that debt falls squarely on your shoulders,” he snarled. “If you fail to settle the debt by Saturday, I’ll be forced to divulge everything to the authorities. And as the company’s owner, you’ll be held accountable for all the consequences. So, I suggest you either cough up the cash or transfer ownership of the entire company to me.”

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“What? This is extortion! You can’t be serious!” Brandon exclaimed in disbelief.

“Indeed, it is. And just so you understand the gravity of the situation…” Christopher interrupted, pushing back his suit jacket to reveal a gun holstered at his side. “…know that I’m deadly serious, Brandon. Cross me, and I’ll ensure you vanish without a trace. The police won’t even find enough of you to identify.”

Silenced by the threat, Brandon reluctantly acquiesced to Christopher’s demands. Yet, doubts lingered in his mind. He scoured the computer files, seeking evidence of the illicit operations Christopher claimed. However, his search yielded no results.

As evening fell, Brandon continued his investigation, meticulously examining files from various departments. Eventually, his attention was drawn to a filing cabinet nestled in a corner of the room. Armed with the keys he had found earlier, Brandon unlocked the cabinet and discovered an old-fashioned file box tucked inside a drawer.

Within the box lay a ledger filled with entries written in cryptic shorthand. It dawned on Brandon that Christopher’s claims were not unfounded. In a moment of despair, he reached for a drawer, hoping to find solace in a bottle of expensive scotch typically favored by affluent businessmen. Instead, his hand stumbled upon a photograph.

The image depicted Mr. Grives standing alongside… a younger man bearing a striking resemblance to Christopher. Brandon’s eyes widened in shock as realization dawned upon him—the young man was none other than Christopher, Mr. Grives’s own son!

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As things began to fall into place for Brandon, he struggled to reconcile the kind image of Mr. Grives with the nefarious dealings Christopher claimed. It seemed increasingly likely that Christopher was leveraging his own illicit activities to manipulate Brandon.

Caught in a whirlwind of luck and peril, Brandon found himself thrust back into the tumultuous world of business. Despite his prior experience in entrepreneurship before his fall from grace, he now faced a perilous predicament that threatened to undo everything he had gained.

Come Saturday morning, Brandon met Christopher in the underground parking lot, armed with a counteroffer.

“I must honor your father’s wishes,” Brandon began, “so I propose giving you 49 percent of the company while retaining 51 percent for myself. This arrangement should afford you a comfortable lifestyle, and I’ll continue managing the company as your father intended.”

Christopher scoffed at the proposition. “I’m no fool! I deserve the entire company, not a mere token! Come back to me when you’ve come to your senses!” he spat before storming off.

Defeated, Brandon returned to the office, intending to fulfill his promise to Christopher by paying the $2 million debt. However, he soon discovered that the company’s funds were tied up in assets or allocated to monthly expenses, leaving him with no means to settle the debt.

Despondent, Brandon returned home, only to be met with another crisis. Upon opening the front door, he found the children’s nanny bound and gagged.

“He took the kids! He said this is your wake-up call!” she cried as Brandon untied her, and he instantly knew who she was referring to.

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Brandon’s call to Christopher was fraught with desperation as he pleaded for the safety of his children, agreeing to relinquish the company to ensure their well-being. Unbeknownst to Christopher, Brandon had also contacted the authorities, and within moments, he found himself seated with FBI Agent Bates, strategizing for the impending meeting.

“Just follow my lead, and we’ll ensure the safe return of your children,” Agent Bates assured Brandon.

Meanwhile, Christopher lounged by the poolside of a rented hotel, his children confined to a closet under the watchful eye of a complicit hotel manager. As the deadline loomed, and with no word from Brandon, Christopher’s patience waned. In a fit of rage, he contemplated drowning one of the children in the pool and sending the video as a warning.

“Excuse me, sir,” the manager interrupted, offering Christopher a package.

Opening the envelope, Christopher’s grin widened as he discovered the paperwork inside, signifying the transfer of ownership of the company. With his victory secured, he released Brandon’s children with disdain, urging them to leave.

Flush with triumph, Christopher adjusted his tie before the mirror, relishing his newfound power. Suddenly, a soft click echoed behind him, unmistakably the sound of a gun’s safety selector.

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Brandon smiled reassuringly at his children. “Because we have each other. No matter what happens, as long as we stick together, we’ll always find a way to make it through.”

Derrick’s eyes widened with hope. “Really, Dad?”

“Absolutely,” Brandon affirmed. “We may not have all the answers right now, but we’ll figure it out together, just like we always do. And no matter what challenges come our way, we’ll face them as a family.”

Kelly snuggled closer to her father, her worries momentarily eased. “I love you, Daddy.”

Brandon’s heart swelled with love for his children. “I love you both more than anything in this world. And no matter where life takes us, we’ll always be together.”

As they embraced, Brandon knew that with love and resilience, they would weather any storm that came their way. And as they looked towards an uncertain future, they did so with hope and unity, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead as a family.

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I think this story beautifully illustrates the power of love and resilience in overcoming life’s challenges. Despite facing adversity, Brandon and his children find strength in their bond and demonstrate the true richness that comes from supporting each other through difficult times. Their unwavering love for one another serves as a reminder that, ultimately, it is the connections we forge with our loved ones that bring us the greatest wealth and happiness.

This heartwarming tale is sure to inspire others to cherish the relationships in their lives and to find solace in the love they share with their family and friends. By sharing this story, we can spread positivity and remind others of the importance of staying united, even in the face of adversity.

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