Student Choir Serenades Pilot with Emotional Song on Final Flight

In 2017, Captain Ronald Smith, concluding his illustrious 32-year career with United Airlines, embarked on his final flight from Chicago to Brussels. Little did he know that this journey would be etched in memory, not just for him, but for every passenger on board.

The Choir’s Spontaneous Honor

As news of Captain Smith’s retirement reached a group of young travelers, members of a choir from Lycée des Garçons d’Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg, they decided to pay tribute to the captain in their own unique way.

A Heartwarming Serenade

Upon landing, the choir patiently waited for fellow passengers to disembark and for Captain Smith to emerge from the cockpit. Once he did, they surprised him with a heartfelt acapella rendition of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” Nicolas, one of the students, captured the emotional performance on video. The resonating voices of the choir filled the cabin, creating a profoundly touching and unforgettable moment for Captain Smith.

Experience the Beauty

Watch the video below to witness the choir’s beautiful tribute, a serenade that marked the end of Captain Ronald Smith’s distinguished career in a truly heartwarming way.

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