The Decision to Limit Grandparent Visitation – Am I Wrong for Banning My MIL from Seeing Her Grandchild?

One woman found herself facing a challenging situation involving her mother-in-law’s behavior towards her unborn child. After enduring discomfort for a while, she reached a breaking point and made the difficult decision to prevent her mother-in-law from seeing the baby. Turning to the Reddit community for advice, she questioned the validity of her actions.

The Original Poster (OP) detailed the scenario, sharing that she and her husband were eagerly anticipating their first child. However, the mother-in-law’s excessive excitement about becoming a grandmother became increasingly uncomfortable for the OP. The mother-in-law went as far as claiming ownership of the unborn child, referring to it as “her baby” and making statements like “I can’t wait for my baby to be born.” Despite feeling uneasy about this possessiveness, the OP’s husband encouraged her to overlook the remarks.

The situation escalated when the mother-in-law insisted on organizing a baby shower for the OP. Citing a pact with friends to celebrate significant life events, she felt obligated to host the event. However, when asked if the OP could invite her own friends, the mother-in-law declined, stating that the baby shower was exclusively for her circle. Though hesitant, the OP reluctantly agreed.

To prepare for the baby’s arrival, the parents created a nursery registry centered around a garden theme, as instructed by the mother-in-law. However, when the baby shower took place, the theme was unexpectedly circus animals, not the garden theme the OP had envisioned. Surprisingly, all the gifts received were circus animal-themed, in stark contrast to the carefully curated registry. The mother-in-law confessed that she did not like the chosen theme and created a separate registry for herself, planning to decorate her own nursery with circus animals. This revelation left the couple both speechless and infuriated.

In response, the OP declared that her mother-in-law would be barred from seeing the baby. As emotions flared, accusations were exchanged, with the mother-in-law claiming the couple was keeping her away from her grandchild. Other family members joined in, blaming the couple for supposedly ruining the grandmother-to-be’s experience.

The Reddit community overwhelmingly supported the OP, asserting that she was justified in her decision. Many advised taking precautions against the mother-in-law’s behavior, including installing security cameras and informing hospital staff of the restricted access. Redditors emphasized that the mother-in-law could have celebrated with her own friends instead of using the baby shower as a way to acquire items for her personal nursery. The unsettling behavior of the mother-in-law alarmed many readers, who found her treating the OP as a surrogate rather than acknowledging the rightful role of a grandmother.

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