Soldier pays for his order but changes his mind when two shivering boys tell him they are starving.

Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon, a father of two stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia, exhibited a profound act of kindness and humility while dining at a local Taco Bell. As he enjoyed his meal, two young boys, aged 9 and 13, approached him, selling homemade desserts to support their church. Lt. Col. Risdon, observing their vulnerability, cold and wet appearance, sensed they might be facing hardships.

Trusting his instincts, Lt. Col. Risdon inquired about the boys’ dinner situation, discovering that they were, in fact, starving. Responding with compassion, he warmly invited the boys to join him for a meal, generously allowing them to select anything they desired from the menu.

Jason Gibson, another diner at the Taco Bell, was moved by the act of kindness and captured the heartwarming moment on camera. Touched by what he witnessed, Gibson shared the video on Facebook with the hope of spreading awareness about the soldier’s remarkable gesture and inspiring others to follow suit.

The video swiftly gained traction, going viral and capturing the attention of media outlets across the nation. Despite the newfound attention, Lt. Col. Risdon remained humble, emphasizing his belief that acts of kindness occur every day, carried out by numerous compassionate individuals.

Lt. Col. Risdon’s selfless deed stands as a poignant reminder of the inherent goodness within our nation. His humility and compassion exemplify the values embraced by members of the military, showcasing their commitment to acts that go beyond their duty to protect and defend the country.

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