Shattered Vows: My Mother-in-Law’s Outrageous Demand in Our Love Triangle

On Reddit, a woman shared her frustration with her mother-in-law (MIL), describing her as excessively controlling and overly involved in her husband’s life. This interference had escalated to the point where it was affecting her husband’s actions and decisions, leading him to backtrack on agreements they had made together.

As a result, the woman ultimately decided to end her relationship with her spouse due to these ongoing disruptions caused by her MIL’s influence.

She disclosed that she and her husband were eagerly anticipating the arrival of their daughter in just two weeks. With careful planning, they had set aside $26,000 to ensure that she could stay home for a full year to nurse their newborn.

Their budget for the year amounted to $46,000, covering all expenses. With the wife not working during this period, the savings were crucial, especially since the husband’s monthly income was $3,000. However, the woman’s mother-in-law’s actions threatened these well-laid plans.

Expressing her concerns, the woman explained, “My mother-in-law has been attempting to intrude into our lives in ways that I find unacceptable.” Prior to the wife’s pregnancy, there was minimal communication between the mother-in-law and her son. However, upon learning about the impending arrival of a grandchild, the mother-in-law swiftly became uncomfortably close to her son.

Throughout her entire pregnancy, the woman found herself grappling with her mother-in-law’s intrusive behavior, which had escalated to an unbearable level. Disguised as expressions of familial concern, the MIL’s persistent attempts to insert herself into their lives had become increasingly suffocating.

Initially, the mother-in-law justified her newfound closeness to her son by referring to herself as a “boy mom.” She even adopted the phrase “My baby isn’t a baby anymore” upon learning of her son’s impending parenthood.

Incredibly, the mother-in-law would send food to her son every two to three days of the week, claiming he missed her cooking. However, she only provided enough for her son, exacerbating the already challenging situation.

The woman’s mother-in-law persisted in buying mother-son jewelry for the woman’s husband, despite being informed that he never wore it. Expressing her frustration, the woman remarked, “She’s treating him like he’s her husband in every way.”

Furthermore, the mother-in-law would call her son at all hours to help with household chores and suggest they go on mother-son dates when he visited. She even intruded into their home without permission, dictating her preferences, such as how she liked her coffee prepared by her son’s wife.

Adding to the complexity, the mother-in-law attempted to persuade her son to leave his job and join her at her workplace, a medical rehabilitation clinic, for at least three months. This suggestion was particularly challenging as the woman’s spouse worked in the search and rescue industry.

Beforehand, the mother-in-law attempted to convince her son to purchase a house together so she could aid in raising his children. However, when the woman’s husband entertained the idea, she promptly shut it down.

Additionally, the woman argued with her husband about the prospect of him working alongside his mother. She pointed out that his current job paid $13 per hour, whereas his potential job with his mother offered only $10 per hour. This wage difference meant that the woman would likely have to return to work after giving birth, as their household income would decrease significantly if her husband joined his mother’s employment.

Furthermore, the mother-in-law’s workplace offered no benefits and paid every two weeks, unlike her son’s job, which provided full benefits. Considering these factors, the woman was confident that her husband would not leave his current job. She found reassurance in his reluctance to collaborate with his mother, alleviating any concerns she had about the situation.

The situation took a surprising turn when the woman discovered that her husband had quit his job and applied for a position at his mother’s workplace two months later. With his mother’s endorsement, he secured the job without needing to go through an interview process. When confronted, he explained, “Well, my mother is getting older, and she wanted me to work with her so that we can hang out more before she actually passes away.”

This revelation came as a shock to the woman, considering her mother-in-law’s relatively young age of 61 and good health. Feeling betrayed, she went to bed to ponder her husband’s decision. Upon waking up, she made it clear to her husband that she wouldn’t be overruled by her mother-in-law, especially since she had continually disregarded boundaries.

Faced with an ultimatum from his wife, the husband was forced to make a decision. The woman asserted that she wouldn’t submit to either her husband or her mother-in-law’s wishes and urged him to choose between handling things independently or sticking to the agreements they had made together.

“I told him I will take the money I saved ($23k of the $26k) and figure it out on my own,” declared the woman. She pleaded with her spouse to leave and go stay with his mother, surprising him with her firm stance.

He deemed her unreasonable for not appreciating his mother’s desire to spend time with him as she ages. However, the woman remained resolute in her convictions. To her, his compliance with his mother’s demands equated to allowing their lives to unravel.

The woman also explained to Redditors why she viewed being a single mom as the best option, one she wasn’t afraid to pursue. She pointed out that if her spouse were to leave and they were to divorce, her financial burdens would significantly decrease, possibly by a quarter or more.

For the past five years, she had been bearing the weight of his mounting student loan debt, with no end in sight. With the $23,000 she saved, she could cover her housing and bills for a year and a half, offering a level of stability and security for herself and her child.

Factoring in her husband’s bills and debt, the $23,000 wouldn’t sustain her, her husband, and their child for a year. Despite this, the woman stressed that her husband would remain actively involved in their child’s life even if they were to separate.

Furthermore, the woman shared with Redditors that the law was on her side due to the prenuptial agreement her husband had signed. Therefore, she would retain ownership of the house, which she had owned prior to their relationship. Additionally, she had already transferred the $23,000 into her own account. With her accounting skills, she was confident that her financial documentation was crystal clear. Moreover, she had consulted with an attorney to ensure the legality of her actions.

Redditors supported the woman’s decision. One commenter urged her to follow through with her plan, take the money and the child, and relocate to a distant location. Another remarked, “He is a terrible husband.” They emphasized that she and her child should be her top priority, not her mother-in-law. It was clear to them that her husband was behaving shamefully.

Additional Redditors advised the woman to distance herself from her mother-in-law and husband, highlighting their self-centeredness and disregard for her and their impending child. They warned that if she remained in the marriage, the situation would only worsen over time.

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