“Don’t Call the Doctor, I Want to Fall Asleep Peacefully, with the Stars as My Company”

She gently implored, “Don’t reach out to the doctor. I yearn to drift into slumber with your hand tightly grasping mine, in an ambiance of tranquil serenity.”

In response, he began to reminisce about their shared history, recounting their initial chance encounter, the tender moments of affection they had exchanged, and the infectious smiles that had replaced tears. Gratitude washed over them, and they harbored no regrets.

Whispering softly, she declared, “My love for you will remain an everlasting ember.” He echoed her sentiment, planting a tender kiss upon her cheek. With her fingers intertwined with his, she allowed her eyelids to flutter closed, embracing a peaceful descent into dreamland.

Love, they realized, was the sole currency of true significance. After all, every soul enters this world devoid of possessions but imbued with love, and it departs in the same manner. This profound truth beckoned reflection. Regardless of our occupations or the wealth we amass, all material possessions merely serve as instruments, left behind in this transient realm.

Their import, in the end, lay solely in the memories created and the love shared. Therefore, they resolved to cherish love above all else. To love unreservedly those who genuinely cared for them. To love as if nothing in life bore greater importance.

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