Make Yourself a Jar of Preserved Lemons at Home

We all know that lemons can give us the best benefits for our health. This fruit rich in Vitamin C can be perfect inclusion in almost every meal. Lemons can also be added to various salads, smoothies or meat dishes because they can give extraordinary taste to every healthy meal.

In India and North Africa lemon is present in almost every kitchen. Today we will show you how to prepare your Preserved lemons at home.

Homemade preserved lemons



Method of preparation:

1.Slice the lemon(make a deep X in the lemon).Actually when you end with slicing, you will get a lemon cut into quarters.

2.Pinch the lemon so that it is separated into halves after that. You should cover it in a little less than half a tablespoon of salt. Pinch it in half the other way and in the other half pour the same amount of salt.

3.Put salt into the jar and then press the salt-filled lemon.

4.Squeeze the lemon and put in the jar.

5.Close the jar and let it stay for 2-3 days. Press the lemons down once a day.

6.Wait 3 weeks before utilizing.

To use, rinse the lemons, scrape off the pulp, discard any seeds and chop or mince the rind. For up to 6 months they will keep in the fridge.

It is the rind that you  are going to utilize in your recipes when you have preserved lemons. Just rinse the salt off, remove the flesh from the rind, and add them to everything.

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