Julia Roberts: Balancing Stardom with Family Devotion

Julia Roberts, celebrated for her performances in blockbuster films such as “Pretty Woman,” consciously chose to become a stay-at-home mom following the birth of her children. Despite her iconic status in Hollywood, she has excelled in her role as a dedicated mother.

She chose to put her acting career on hold to focus on her family, which includes her husband, Henry Daniel Moder, their twins, Hazel and Phinneas Moder, and their son, Henry Moder. Julia has wholeheartedly committed to her role as a full-time mom.

Julia finds immense fulfillment in motherhood and fully embraces her role as a homemaker. Her daily activities include preparing breakfast for her children, tidying up the kitchen, and getting lunch ready. By dinner, her day has been both full and rewarding. She has voiced her contentment with this lifestyle, highlighting the happiness she finds in caring for her family.

“I don’t have the luxury of sitting around anymore. Before having children, I must have had loads of spare time, but I can’t remember what I did with it, and I certainly didn’t appreciate it,” she reflects.

She also cherishes the considerable amount of time she spends with her family, noting with a smile, “My life at home gives me absolute joy.” While she loves taking care of her family, she admits that domestic life can sometimes be repetitive. Julia elaborated:

“Like anyone who’s a mom or a wife, it just becomes part of your daily routine. Some days it’s really enjoyable, and other days, it feels like a bit of a chore.”

However, Julia hasn’t completely stepped away from acting. It now just requires a more compelling script or character to draw her back into a role. She confessed that she’s still drawn to acting when a project with an intriguing plot or role comes her way.

In embracing her new role as a stay-at-home mom, the “Eat, Pray, Love” actress integrated herself so deeply into domestic life that she initially didn’t reveal her profession to her children. They were unaware for quite some time that their mother was one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses.

Given her prominence, it was nearly impossible for her star quality to go unnoticed, and her children began to piece things together. But at first, Julia chose not to share her acting career, leading them to assume she didn’t work outside the home as she was always busy with household tasks and meal preparations.

Julia opened up about her culinary journey, attributing her inspiration and passion for cooking to her mother, who was dedicated to making meals from scratch with garden-fresh ingredients. While Julia may not follow her mother’s exacting standards, she has developed her own repertoire of kitchen skills.

As her children have matured, they’ve become increasingly aware of their mother’s success as a renowned actress.

Julia expressed that cooking for her family feels like a “privilege,” “honor,” and “luxury” she hadn’t fully appreciated before. Her life has been greatly enriched by her family, and even her co-stars have embraced her role as a mother. She chuckled as she recalled Julianne Nicholson crafting new sleeping bags for Hazel’s dolls.

Despite her fame, Julia strives to maintain a normal life at home, emphasizing the importance of family meals to foster togetherness. She enjoys sharing breakfast and dinner with her children, explaining:

“I usually have breakfast and dinner with my kids every day. I think it really helps to start and end the day together, sort of setting the tone and then winding down as a family.”

As her children have aged, they’ve become increasingly aware of their mother’s successful acting career. Julia now often brings them along to film sets when her work involves travel. She shared how having her children with her helps keep her grounded:

“It’s incredibly humbling to come home from an event dressed in a fancy gown and heels, adorned with diamonds, and then your child asks, ‘Can I have a snack?’ and you just say, ‘Yeah.’ It really puts things into perspective.”

The actress explained that she and her husband, Daniel, made a mutual decision to raise their children like any typical family. Julia stressed the significance of imparting practical life skills to her kids, such as doing their own laundry, making their beds, and being self-sufficient.


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