Final Closure: Caitlyn’s Two Words on O.J.’s Passing

Caitlyn Jenner, once wed to Kris Jenner, the former wife of O.J. Simpson’s lawyer Robert Kardashian, didn’t hold back upon hearing about O.J. Simpson’s passing.

The former Olympian took to Twitter, sharing just two words followed by “#OJSimpson.” In her post, Jenner, 74, made her sentiments clear: “Good Riddance.”

Fred Goldman, the father of Ron Goldman, who was tragically murdered alongside Nicole Brown Simpson, also shared his thoughts. Speaking to NBC News, he expressed, “The only thing I have to say is it’s just further reminder of Ron being gone all these years.

It’s no great loss to the world. It’s a further reminder of Ron’s being gone.”

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In June 1994, O.J. Simpson faced accusations of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, at her Brentwood, California condo. Instead of surrendering as advised, the former football star, along with a friend, infamously led police on a low-speed chase through Los Angeles. He was eventually arrested at his estate in Brentwood.

The subsequent legal proceedings became known as the “trial of the century.” After an 11-month trial, Simpson was acquitted of murder. However, in a later civil trial, he was found liable for the deaths of Nicole and Ron.

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