Dakota Johnson Continues to Call Antonio Banderas ‘Papi’ After His Breakup with Her Mother

At 35, Antonio Banderas embraced the role of father to a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old, becoming a steadfast figure in their lives despite numerous personal changes.

The renowned actor Antonio Banderas stepped into fatherhood unexpectedly when he married a woman with two young children, finding the transition challenging due to his inexperience as a parent.

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas and actress Melanie Griffith formed a connection while both were married to other partners. Their relationship started while Griffith was still legally married to actor Don Johnson, though they formally parted ways in 1994.

Banderas and Griffith later tied the knot in a private ceremony in London on May 14, 1996, shortly after finalizing their respective divorces. Reflecting on his attraction to Griffith, Banderas confessed that he had admired her long before they met, recalling his fascination upon seeing her in the film “Working Girl” in 1988.

Their romantic involvement blossomed during the filming of “Two Much,” a 1995 romantic comedy in which they both starred, coinciding with their respective marital troubles.

Transitioning from co-stars to partners was complex, especially considering their existing marriages. Yet, recognizing their mutual dissatisfaction, they eventually came to terms with their feelings for each other.

Initially, Banderas found it challenging to fit into the family dynamic as a stepfather to Griffith’s children. Over time, though, his consistent effort paid off, allowing him to build a trusting and enduring relationship with them.

His stepdaughter, Dakota Johnson, who later achieved her own fame in acting, credits Banderas with having a profound effect on her career. She warmly remembers the times they spent together on movie sets and values the support and mentorship he offered.

Even after the end of Banderas and Griffith’s marriage in 2014, Dakota continues to share a warm and close relationship with her stepfather, thankful for the significant role he has played in her personal and professional life.

“My stepfather Antonio Banderas burst into our lives. He was so vibrant and so fun and so funny, and his English was abstract. We found it absolutely amazing. He loved my mother and my siblings and I so fiercely, and so big and so loud that it would change all of our lives forever. Antonio taught me about true passion and discipline.”

Banderas continues to support Dakota in her acting endeavors, praising her talent and versatility. He remains proud of her accomplishments and optimistic about her future in the industry.

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