Shannen Doherty is getting ready for the inevitable and is giving away personal belongings.

Shannen Doherty holds a strong belief in the power of science to conquer cancer, yet for the sake of her mother, she’s taking steps to prepare for the inevitable by parting with her material possessions.

The actress from “Beverly Hills, 90210” disclosed this insight during the latest episode of her ‘Let’s Be Clear’ podcast on Monday. She described the process of clearing out her storage unit, recognizing that her personal belongings had become a weight on her loved ones.

In Shannen Doherty’s own words, she is focusing on her mother Rosa’s requirements during this period, aiming to minimize the burden she may face if she succumbs to her battle with stage 4 cancer.

She added … “Because it’s going to be so hard on her, I want other things to be a lot easier. I don’t want her to have a bunch of stuff to deal with. I don’t want her to have four storage units filled with furniture.”

Shannen intends to sell the contents of her storage unit, including her vast antique collection, with the goal of using the proceeds to travel with her mother. However, she is determined not to tap into her savings for these journeys, as she wants to ensure her loved ones are provided for in case of her passing.

It’s important to recall that Shannen initially disclosed her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, underwent treatment, and entered remission. However, last year, she revealed that the cancer had returned at Stage 4, spreading to her bones.

Despite her health challenges, Shannen has maintained an optimistic outlook. In January, she revealed that she had undergone a “miracle” new treatment.

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