Crafting Dreams: A 3-Year Journey to Hand-Built Tiny Home – A Peek Inside

As a part of the growing trend toward sustainable living, tiny homes have become increasingly popular in various parts of the world. Many individuals and families are embracing this lifestyle, where they live in compact yet stylish homes, often converted from vans or buses.

One YouTube channel that has showcased numerous tiny homes from different cities is “Tiny House Giant Journey.” Among these featured homes is one from Enumclaw, Washington, crafted by its owner and builder, Cassimiro Mattioada.

One remarkable aspect of Cass’s tiny home is his commitment to cost-saving through the use of upcycled materials. He dedicated three years to creating his dream home and managed to keep costs low, spending only $40,000 due to his creative use of recycled resources.

Cass is involved in the family business known as the “Enumclaw Recyclers & The Use Again Store,” which aims to significantly reduce the volume of recyclables sent to landfills daily. He embodies this mission by incorporating many reused items into his tiny house design.

Viewers of the YouTube video have hailed Cass’s tiny home as a work of art, praising the thoughtful design and artistic execution evident in every detail.

Without further ado, let’s embark on a tour of this exceptional tiny home:

The living room features an entertainment nook with an adjustable television and a sofa with storage space underneath.

In the kitchen, you’ll find efficient appliances tailored to suit the needs of a tiny home. The kitchen also boasts a spacious layout, complete with an old yet artistically designed sink and faucet.

Cass opted to separate the shower and toilet room, a strategic and functional choice for a tiny home.

Next up is the bedroom, furnished with a queen-size bed that has storage underneath and a glass door for entry.

One of the most distinctive features of this house is its main entrance—a round door reminiscent of designs seen in movies like “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.” Cass personally constructed this door, employing steel for the interior and stained fir and birch plywood for the exterior. Even the door’s key adds to its charm.

Cass explained in an interview that his home has three entry points:

  1. The front door, leading to the living room, with a glass window on the opposite side.
  2. A side entry on the left of the house, featuring tree trunks as posts. Cass often uses this door to clean up after work.
  3. The bedroom entry from the outside, designed with a glass door to allow fresh air in.

Throughout the home, numerous treasures await discovery, including excellent design, functional use of space, and a harmonious blend of unique elements.

The key takeaway from Cass’s tiny home is that it reflects his story and personality. As his girlfriend, Emma, aptly put it, “The house is a huge reflection of him and how he sees the world.”

As of today, Cass and Emma reside together in this beautiful tiny home, which is not just a place to live but a testament to their shared stories and missions.

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