Brigitte Bardot: From Cinematic Icon to Champion for Animals

From a glamorous movie siren to a passionate animal rights activist, Brigitte Bardot transitioned from Hollywood stardom to dedicating herself to fervent animal rights advocacy. She has transformed beyond recognition.

After leaving the cinema, the actress selflessly devoted her life to protecting animals. An entire era is associated with the name of French actress Brigitte Bardot. Following her role in the 1956 film “And God Created Woman,” the 22-year-old gained worldwide popularity, becoming as much a sex symbol for Europe as Marilyn Monroe was for America. Brigitte was admired by millions, and dozens of men vied for her hand and heart.

During her 21-year career, Brigitte Bardot starred in fifty films, recorded 80 songs, and performed in countless musical shows. Throughout this time, she remained the epitome of female beauty. British musician and Beatles member John Lennon dedicated several songs to her.

Bardot popularized bikini swimsuits and the sauerkraut hairstyle. Photographers from around the world closely followed her personal life and every move. It is believed that her influence was instrumental in making the seaside resorts of Saint-Tropez in France and Buzios in Brazil some of the most popular vacation destinations in the 1960s.

Everything changed radically in 1973 when Brigitte Bardot, at 39, unexpectedly ended her film career to dedicate her life to animal welfare. After retiring, the star actress became noticeably withdrawn and stopped maintaining her glamorous appearance, showing up at social events in disheveled clothes and poorly applied makeup.

Rumor has it that the French movie star was always a staunch opponent of plastic surgery. However, her beauty faded, and eventually, public interest in Bardot waned.

In recent years, the legendary actress, whose appearance no longer resembles the sex symbol of the 60s, has been primarily associated with high-profile scandals involving animal rights and provocative political statements. These have sparked accusations of ethnic hatred and drawn significant criticism in France.

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