6 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan

These mini home workout plan for both men and women can help you lose weight and gain muscle mass. What is best about it’s that it can be done in the commodity of your home and you don’t need to visit the gym no use any special equipment.

Workout plan instructions:

Repeat this circuit 2 times for beginner 5 times for advanced and rest for 60 seconds between sets.


5 Push Ups

20 Squats

10 Butt Kicks

15 Lunges

40 Sit Ups

30 Second Plank

25 Crunches

35 Jumping Jacks


15 Butt Kicks

40 Squats

25 Crunches

35 Second Plank

30 Lunges

20 Sit Ups

5 Jumping Jacks

10 Push Ups


30 Butt Kicks

10 Lunges

40 Second Plank

20 Squats

35 Jumping Jacks

5 Sit Ups

15 Push Ups

25 Crunches


40 Second Plank

30 Jumping Jacks

35 Sit Ups

20 Crunches

5 Lunges

15 Butt Kicks

25 Squats

10 Push Ups


40 Crunches

15 Second Plank

20 Butt Kicks

25 Jumping Jacks

30 Sit Ups

5 Push Ups

35 Squats

10 Lunges





Cardio (by week)

30 second sprint, 30 second jog (5x)

35 second sprint, 45 second jog (6x)

45 second sprint, 60 second jog (7x)

50 second sprint, 45 second jog (7x)

55 second sprint, 30 second jog (6x)

60 second sprint, 45 second jog (5x)

Home Workout plan Tips:

Staying hydrated helps to combat muscle fatigue and boost endurance. Always drink water before, during, and after your workout to replenish fluids lost during exercise.

Music are a great motivator when them comes to exercise. Listening to your favorite tunes or something really upbeat or motivating can increase endurance and may make your workout seem easier.

Now you’ve everything you need at your disposal to start a no gym no equipment workout routine. Remember to pair the day’s exercises with that week’s cardio, and to rest on the weekends so your body can repair itself. You should be burning fat and building in muscle in no time.

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