Woman Shares Photo of Burnt Pie and A Lesson of True Love

Marriage is difficult. It requires a lot of patience and understanding to have to share every area of your life with someone.

You must get used to the reality that not all of your moments are rosy-cheeked, romantic ones. There are bad days and pleasant days in every week. But even in the worst situations and the most awkward circumstances, love may be shown in incredibly caring yet discreet ways.

Those are the times that are most important and should be treasured. When someone is performing at their highest level and acting morally, it’s simple to love them. When they’re at their worst, loving them is far more difficult.

You know you’ve found genuine love when you find someone who not only loves you on your best days but also on Tuesdays.

Here is a story that exemplifies that type of love perfectly.

My mother always cooked delicious food. But one day, she put a “burnt pie” in front of my father. Not just a little burnt, but black as coal.

I waited to see what my father would say.

But he just consumed the pie and asked how my day was.

Then I heard my mother apologize to him for his dinner.

I’ll never forget his response.

‘Honey, I like your pie.’

Later, I asked my father if he had told the truth. My father put his arm on my shoulder and said,

‘Your Mother had a tough day at work.’

‘She was weary and tired.’

‘The ‘burnt pie’ didn’t hurt me but a piercing, the razor-sharp word could have hurt her.’

We all make mistakes, and some are really damn bad mistakes.

But we shouldn’t focus on those mistakes, rather support those whom we truly love.

That’s the best-kept secret of long, blissful, and happy relationships…