Woman Asserts Independence by Blocking Man After Lavish $500+ Dinner Date

A woman decided to block a man after their initial date took an unexpected turn, leaving her feeling that he had invaded her privacy and put her financial capabilities to the test. Venting her frustrations on Reddit, she sought validation from the online community for her decision.

Amid the plethora of first-date horror stories shared by women online, one woman recounted a memorable encounter with a man at an upscale restaurant of her choosing. Despite him footing the hefty bill, she chose to block him, refusing to grant him a second chance.

Initially indifferent about the location of their dinner when first asked out by the man, she candidly disclosed her preference for an expensive establishment when he inquired about her favorite restaurant.

Despite the woman’s clear communication about the expensive nature of the dishes at her favorite restaurant, she suggested a more casual alternative—a Mexican restaurant with great food at a more reasonable price. She emphasized that her preferred dining spot typically incurred an average cost of $500.

Despite the more budget-friendly option presented by the woman, the man insisted on dining at her favorite restaurant, driven by a strong desire to experience its cuisine. Typically, the woman reserved such upscale dining experiences for special occasions, celebrations, or personal indulgences, preferring more casual venues for first dates.

For her, the choice of restaurant on a first date wasn’t crucial; rather, she valued the opportunity to understand the man’s personality and life story. She often reserved her favorite restaurant for moments of significance, prioritizing connection over the culinary experience during initial encounters.

During the course of the evening, the pair indulged in appetizers, main courses, drinks, and even dessert as they engaged in a good conversation. Anticipating the hefty bill, the woman and the man faced the decision of settling it. When the moment arrived, both offered to split the bill.

Expressing her hesitations, the woman eventually agreed to split the bill, stating, “I hesitated and said it after he was saying it because he asked me out and also insisted we went there after he read the menu and really wanted to try the food.”

Typically opting for separate checks on first dates to avoid potential awkwardness, the woman followed her usual practice by placing her card on the table alongside the man’s when the separate bills arrived. However, when the server came to collect the cards, the man unexpectedly seized her card, expressing his intention to cover both bills. In an offhand comment, he added, “Oh, now I finally know your last name.”

This statement triggered a disconcerting thought in the woman’s mind. Drawing from her experience as a bartender who handles transactions and cards regularly, she recalled having a co-worker with the ability to rapidly memorize numbers. This raised concerns for her, contemplating the potential risks of such familiarity in the context of felony or fraud.

Experiencing annoyance over the man’s sudden decision to cover both bills, the woman suspected that he might be playing mind games, testing if she would contribute to the $250 tab. Despite clearly expressing her preference for a more casual venue for their first date, she felt as though he was questioning her motives, stating, “I felt like he was checking to see if I was a golddigger or something, even though I’d literally told him we shouldn’t go there the first date.”

Expressing her discomfort, she thanked him after dinner but promptly blocked him, particularly disturbed by his scrutinizing her card and learning her last name, information she hadn’t intended to disclose. Following comments on her Reddit post, she sent the man money for her share of the bill, emphasizing that she had not compelled him to choose the expensive restaurant and would have been content with a simpler Mexican dinner. Reflecting on the experience, she acknowledged the lessons learned.

While many Reddit users sided with the woman, supporting her decision to cut off the man who made her uncomfortable, some argued that she might be overthinking the situation. One comment challenged the idea that someone would spend $500+ just to memorize a card number, while others suggested she should have paid her portion before blocking him to avoid the appearance of using him for a free dinner.

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