Which Is The Key Hormone For Weight Loss?

It is almost impossible to constantly eat anything and everything while we have perfect blood and look great. However, if you exercise several times a week and still have not managed to lose weight, we have good news for you.

According to the announcement on the site “Mindbodygreen”, in the body there is a hormone that is key to weight loss. It is a particular enzyme or hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL).

HSL work optimally when insulin levels are low. This is because insulin is responsible for storing fat in our body.

Conclusion: We need a high level of HSL and low levels of insulin to increase the potential for burning fat.

“If any system running less than optimally, your body will oppose any attempt to reduce excess weight,” explains the site.

There are two exercises that can help you in this: through high-intensive training at intervals (HIIT) and standing. Indeed, the very last one standing long periods activates all the muscles, it stimulates the production of HSL.

So there is no time to wait, all “on your feet”

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