When My Daughter Chose Her Wealthy Father Over Me, Now Seeking Shelter After He Disowned Her

Seeking guidance from the Reddit community, a mother recounted her struggles after her daughter chose to live with her ex-husband due to his more affluent lifestyle. Years later, the daughter, facing eviction from her father’s home, approached her mother for assistance.

The mother, having separated from her husband when their daughter Maria was ten, obtained the family home in the divorce but grappled with financial challenges as a stay-at-home mom. Despite eventually securing a job in her field, she maintained a frugal lifestyle. Conversely, Maria’s father lavished her with material possessions, causing strain in their relationship.

Financial disparities became apparent when the mother couldn’t afford a pricey laptop for Maria, leading to resentment. Attempts to guide Maria into employment also resulted in arguments. At 17, Maria decided to drop out of high school, intensifying conflicts and prompting her to move in permanently with her father.

Years later, at 21, Maria, facing eviction after her father remarried, approached her mother for support. While open to reconciliation, the mother set conditions for Maria’s return: obtaining a GED, working at least 25 hours a week, pursuing education for a career, managing personal expenses, and participating in household chores.

Maria rejected these conditions, deeming her mother crazy and a horrible parent. The mother, sharing her story on Reddit, received a mix of support. Some users perceived Maria’s unwillingness to comply as a sign of her true intentions, while others deemed the conditions reasonable given Maria’s adult age.

Was the woman right to give her daughter a list of demands in exchange for coming home and living rent-free after her dad kicked her out at 21?

What would you have done in the woman’s place?

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