What Happens When You Mix Beets, Carrots And Apples: A Glass of Juice That Destroys Many Diseases!

The best way to intake every nutrient present in the fruits and veggies, is the juicing. The juice from the fresh product is extracted, and 99% of the plant chemicals, minerals and vitamins are present in that juice.

According to some researches, the fresh juices are even better and more beneficial than the raw vegetables and fruits, and since they are a rich source of fiber, they are supportive for our digestive system and support its healthy function.

The juicing is a simple and most importantly natural way to support the weight losing process a lot more, detox your body, boost your immune system and decrease the risk of cancer.

It is the best way and most fun to get the maximum from the veggies and fruits, through the juicing. We have a very healthy combo for you in this article, and you can improve your overall health due to its powerful medicinal properties.

This is a natural remedy that has the nutrients from beetroots, carrots and apples mixed all together.

The beetroots are a rich source of iron, fiber, manganese, calcium, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C.

The carrots are very rich in carotene antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, selenium, vitamin K, E, C, B and A, and they are able to decrease the risk of cancer.

The apples are high in glucose, fructose, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin C, they don’t contain any cholesterol or fat. With these fruits you will be able to energize your body, boost your eye health and lose some extra weight.

So, here are the main benefits of this powerful drink:

Improves Vision

You can treat tired, dry and red eyes, and boost your vision as well.

Improved Skin Health

This contains very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it is able to treat a lot of skin disease, repair any damage that is done to it, prevent from viruses and bacteria, and soothe allergies as well. Also this mixture prevents from wrinkles, boost the elasticity of the skin and most importantly, it is slowing down the aging process.

Improved Heart Health

The carrot juice contains a lot of beta-carotene, alpha, lutein and many other phytonutrients, therefore boosting your heart health. The beetroots have the ability to improve the elasticity of your blood vessels, while the apples are decreasing the levels of the LDL (bad) cholesterol in your blood.

Improved Women’s Health

It can eliminate painful cramps, relieve from menstrual pain and many other symptoms that follow during the PMS. It can treat fatigue during the menstrual cycle, due to its richness in iron.

How to prepare this natural remedy:

Get all of the ingredients and put them in a blender, then strain the mixture and put it in a jar in your fridge. You should consume only one glass of the juice, on daily basis each morning on an empty stomach. Make sure it is at least an hour before your breakfast meal. Then consume the juice one more time in the afternoon. Do this ritual every day for 3 months, and the health improvements will surely amaze you.


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