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Born in New York City, New York, on June 16, 1943, Joan van Ark’s parents had no ties to the film industry. During her teenage years while pursuing acting in Denver, she crossed paths with actress Julie Harris, a fateful encounter that would alter the course of their lives.

Encouraged by Julie, Joan pursued admission to the prestigious Yale Drama School, facilitated by a scholarship established by Julie herself.

This historic step made Joan Van Ark the second woman ever to enroll at the Drama School. Julie Harris intervened by writing to the dean and arranging a meeting for Joan. “Long story short, my parents drove me to New Haven, Connecticut, to meet the dean, who gave me a scholarship,” Joan recounted. “It was meant to be.” Although she initially performed in theater for several years, Joan’s true passion lay in television.

Her notable television roles included appearances in “Temperature’s Rising,” “Spider-Woman,” and “Days of Our Lives.” 

Joan Van Ark garnered immense recognition through her roles in “Temperature’s Rising,” “Spider-Woman,” “Days of Our Lives,” and even a guest appearance on an episode of “Bonanza.” However, it was her portrayal of Valene Ewing on “Dallas” in 1978 that catapulted her to widespread fame. This role became the most significant of her career.

The immense popularity of “Dallas” led to Joan’s appearance in its spin-off, “Knots Landing,” a program that was actually conceptualized before “Dallas.” Initially, producers opted for “Dallas” as the prime vehicle for depicting affluent households of the era, which resulted in Joan reprising her role in “Dallas” instead of joining the “Knots Landing” cast.

Joan Van Ark’s journey continued through 13 seasons of “Knots Landing,” solidifying her status as a television icon.

Joan’s decision to accept the role, despite already juggling two other projects, was influenced by her husband, the esteemed newscaster John Marshall. Amidst her busy schedule, it was John who encouraged her to take on the opportunity.

A surprising turn of events occurred when Val Ewing’s mother was set to make her television debut. To Joan’s astonishment, the role went to none other than her dear friend, Julie Harris. Reflecting on this moment in a 1984 interview with Florida Today, Joan expressed her disbelief and elation at Julie’s casting. “When the producers told me they had finally found someone to play my mother, I held my breath,” she recalled. “I thought, ‘Oh my God, are they going to say Phyllis Diller or Zsa Zsa Gabor, or who?’ Then they said it was Julie Harris, and I went right through the roof. I couldn’t believe they had picked her to be my mother. They didn’t even know we were friends.”

Following 327 episodes of “Knots Landing,” Joan Van Ark found herself ready to embark on new ventures. 

After 13 seasons and 327 episodes, Joan made the decision to depart “Knots Landing” a season before its final airing. Despite knowing that many attributed her departure to the show’s cancellation, she was eager for new adventures. Reflecting on her time on the show, she expressed deep gratitude, saying, “I have loved more than life the 13 years I’ve had on that show.” She credited “Knots Landing” creator David Jacobs as a significant influence on her life, stating that he had taught her invaluable lessons.

Acknowledging her co-star Ted Shackelford’s importance both on and off-screen, Joan emphasized his profound impact on her. She described him as the “other half of every breath” she took on the show and as someone who held a significant place in her heart. The cast and crew had become like family to her, sharing in life’s milestones and challenges. Leaving the show proved to be far more emotionally challenging than she had anticipated.

Following her departure, Joan Van Ark transitioned to a new role on “The Young and The Restless,” portraying Gloria Fisher. 

In high school, John Marshall and Joan met and soon after tied the knot. Their union blessed them with a daughter named Vanessa Marshall, who currently thrives in the entertainment industry. Remarkably, even after 56 years of marriage, John and Joan remain deeply enamored with each other and maintain a remarkably private life, steering clear of the public eye.

At 78 years old, Joan boasts a net worth of $10 million.

At 78 years old, Joan Van Ark possesses a striking $10 million net worth and continues to exude timeless beauty, especially when spotted around Los Angeles. Her most recent sighting was three years ago, casually paying for parking at a meter while sporting workout attire and a ponytail.

In 2017, Joan graced the screen in the television film “Psycho Wedding Crasher,” marking her most recent and final on-screen appearance.

Having dedicated five decades to the film industry, Joan Van Ark’s illustrious career has now earned her the esteemed status of a life member at The Actor’s Studio. Truly, she stands as an icon of the entertainment world.

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