Tessa Gourin, Jack Nicholson’s estranged daughter, asserts that he showed little interest in establishing a relationship.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the 28-year-old actress based in New York shared her insights. She revealed that since childhood, her mother, Jennine Gourin, advised her “not to disclose the fact that I have this renowned father.”

“I understood his influence and wealth, so I sort of compared my life to that of Daddy Warbucks from ‘Annie,'” she remarked.

Gourin, described by the publication as the striking resemblance of Nicholson, expressed that the actor showed no inclination towards building a relationship with her during her childhood. While declining to delve into specifics, she mentioned that he financially supported her early education.

“As a child, you have no say in where you go. So, if your mother insists on you meeting someone who technically is your father, and he consents to seeing you for durations ranging from an hour to a few days, that’s where you end up,” Gourin stated. “I don’t have much familiarity with this individual, let’s just put it that way.”

Distant Relationship

For some, it may be hard to grasp how I could be linked to a legendary actor as a father yet not consider myself part of the enviable connections. The reality is, throughout all 28 years of my life, we’ve never had any sort of relationship.

In a recent Newsweek article, Gourin delved into her observations, expressing her frustration at witnessing other celebrity offspring effortlessly landing roles or securing representation with major agencies. She further expanded on this topic, along with her views on the “nepo baby” debate and actresses denying nepotistic advantages, during her interview with The Daily Beast.

“It’s a complex issue because I also empathize with the struggle of gaining entry into the industry, only to face the pressure of proving oneself once inside,” Gourin remarked. “Yet, as an actor, that challenge excites me the most. It serves as a motivation to demonstrate one’s capabilities. Wrestling with feelings of guilt over inherent advantages is something each individual must resolve personally and channel into their craft.”

Currently living a reclusive existence in Hollywood, Nicholson has not graced the screen since the 2010 romantic comedy “How Do You Know”. He has fathered at least five other children with four different women, some of whom have ventured into acting.

Notably, Nicholson has a daughter, Jennifer Nicholson, aged 59, from his previous marriage to Sandra Knight.

Additionally, he is the parent of Lorraine Nicholson, aged 32, and Ray Nicholson, aged 30, from his past relationship with Rebecca Broussard. Both Lorraine and Ray, aspiring actors themselves, have frequently been seen courtside alongside their father at LA Lakers basketball games.

Additionally, Nicholson is acknowledged to have two more children from previous relationships.

He shares a son, Caleb Goddard, aged 53, with his “Five Easy Pieces” co-star Susan Anspach. However, Nicholson only publicly acknowledged Caleb’s paternity when he turned 28.

Additionally, the actor fathered Honey Hollman, aged 41, during a brief liaison with Danish model Winnie Hollman. Like with Gourin, Nicholson has not publicly acknowledged his paternity of Honey.

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