Turning an iPhone’s Worth into a Remarkable 89-Square-Foot Home: A Surprising Interior Tour

“When Laughter Turned to Astonishment: A 13-Year-Old Genius Turns an iPhone’s Worth into His Dream House”
Meet Luke Thiull, a 13-year-old genius from Iowa who defies the norm. While most teenagers are engrossed in their digital devices, Luke decided to take on a more traditional endeavor, turning his dream of a house into a reality.

With the cost of an iPhone, Luke embarked on a remarkable journey to build a house in his own backyard, and you won’t believe what’s inside!

While many teens are glued to their computer and smartphone screens, Luke chose to put in some sweat and hard work in a more hands-on way. He documented his entire project on his YouTube channel, sharing his burning desire to build his own house.

It took Luke about a year to gather the necessary funds and materials for his dream house. He mowed lawns, organized fundraisers, and did whatever it took to raise the investment, showing the determination of a true CEO in the making.

Luke received some assistance with the electrical work from a neighbor in exchange for helping clean his garage. He truly became a jack of all trades in the process.

What’s truly fascinating is that the house is built using 75% recycled materials and leftover items from his grandma’s house. The front door was a thoughtful gift from his uncle.

The entire house spans approximately 89 square feet, measuring around 10 feet in length and 5.5 feet in width. It has electricity but no plumbing, so there’s no shower or sink yet. Luke’s inspiration for this minimalist approach was to avoid a hefty mortgage.

Luke shared his project journey on his YouTube channel, garnering the curiosity of many viewers. He received substantial support from his parents, with his dad, Greg, making sure Luke paid for most things himself.

Greg emphasized the valuable life lessons Luke was learning: “It was a chance for a kid to do something more than play video games or sports. It teaches life lessons.”

For any teenager, this house is a dream come true—a sanctuary for personal time and space. It features a microwave, TV, and a loft with a bed. There’s even a BBQ in the backyard! Luke does his homework in his own house, and sometimes, he’s allowed to spend the night there too.

Luke’s aspirations as a young boy will undoubtedly lead him to great achievements in the future. His goal is to inspire others, regardless of their age. He firmly believes, “I want to show kids it’s possible to build at this age.”

Witness this incredible project in the video below:

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