Fiance Demands She Foots the Restaurant Bill, Prompting a Sneaky Departure

A woman shared her story on Reddit, revealing a concerning situation with her fiance. She explained that after receiving a 30% raise in her salary, her fiance, who makes less money than her, started pressuring her to cover the restaurant bills for him and his friends. They don’t share finances by choice, but he began using her increased income as a reason for her to pay.

Despite being tricked into paying for meals several times before, the woman decided to stand her ground during a recent dinner with her fiance and his friends. She explicitly told him she wouldn’t be paying for their food this time. However, in the middle of the meal, her fiance whispered that she would be covering the bill again, taking advantage of the public setting to pressure her. Angry, she whispered back a firm “no” but felt her fiance expected her not to create a scene.

In response to her frustration, she chose a non-confrontational approach. When the bills arrived, she paid only for her portion, excused herself to the restroom, and then discreetly left the restaurant, driving home. This triggered a barrage of calls and texts from her fiance, questioning her whereabouts. She explained that she didn’t appreciate being manipulated into paying for the group’s meal and informed him that she had gone home, refusing to engage further.

Later, the couple had a heated argument when her fiance showed up at their home, accusing her of being selfish, irrational, a cheapskate, and childish for leaving him with a bill he couldn’t pay without calling his brother for assistance. The argument escalated, and he eventually walked out. His friends, although not directly involved in the dispute, expressed disappointment in her behavior and advised him to “reflect” on the kind of woman he was planning to marry.

Fellow Redditors were quick to rush to the woman’s defence. Here’s what they said:
“I feel like you’re the one that needs to do the reflecting on the type of man you’ll be married to…”
“He needs to be an ex. Instead of being happy for your achievements he’s bitter and jealous.”
“Why are you marrying someone who insists that his money is his money, but your money is also his money?”

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