Transforming an Abandoned House into the Ultimate Village Retreat: A 3-Year Renovation Journey

Opting for an abandoned residence at the fringes of a secluded Ryazan region village, the family embarked on an unconventional venture, defying conventional wisdom. Though unassuming, the house boasted well-maintained brickwork. Armed with a well-defined plan, the family diligently worked for three years, culminating in the transformation of the old village frame into the most splendid cottage in the vicinity. The charm of the village captivated the family from the outset.

Situated in the idyllic valley of the Oka River, a stone’s throw away from the Oka Biosphere Reserve, the house benefits from a breathtaking and picturesque locale. The natural beauty of the surroundings, coupled with minimal transit traffic, adds to its allure. Moreover, the local land comes at an affordable price, making it an attractive investment. The accompanying 50-acre plot is an almost incredulous expanse, particularly when compared to the more confined properties in the neighboring .

With both gas and electricity readily available, infrastructure development posed no challenges for the site. From the project’s inception, the homeowner committed to maintaining a video diary, documenting the entire reconstruction process and providing insights into the ongoing work. In the inaugural video, a comprehensive assessment of the house’s initial condition is followed by a detailed outline of the future plans. Although the reconstruction spanned over a year, the transformation was remarkable—soon, the original house became nearly unrecognizable, with only the building’s corners and window openings serving as remnants of the original frame.

As soon as new outlines appeared, it became clear that all the work had been done not in vain. But that was only the beginning. Details were added very soon: Alpine style in decor, a carport and general landscaping of the adjacent area. A small one-story building with four windows has been transformed into a modern two-story cottage with several outbuildings and a garage. It is especially interesting to look at the new building from the inside.

The owners came up with several interesting interior solutions and designed furniture to fit their size and layout: The nearest big city is only 40 kilometers from the site.

Definitely, buying an old abandoned house was the right decision.


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