This Girl Slept under the Bridge & Queued for Free Food despite Her Millionaire Dad Being ‘Rush Hour’ Star

This girl’s father is a global icon, adored by both adults and children around the world. Yet, ironically, his own daughter did not share this affection. Despite her father’s worldwide fame, wealth, and recognition, she faced financial hardships, forcing her to sleep under a bridge and queue for free meals just to survive.

Who is the girl, and who is her famous father?

The girl in question is Etta Ng Chok Lam, the estranged daughter of celebrated actor Jackie Chan. Her mother, Elaine Ng Yi-lei, is also an actress and a former beauty queen.

The revelations about the 69-year-old movie star resurfaced following an emotional scene from his film “Ride On,” which gained widespread attention.

While he discussed his son in his book, Chan did not mention Chok Lam. At the time the book was published, she had recently married her partner, Andi Autumn, a Canadian internet celebrity. Chok Lam was 19 years old when she married Autumn.

While Chan omitted mention of her, Chok Lam had previously made it clear that she wanted no relationship with him, citing his absence from her life as the reason.

Jackie Chan’s Estranged Relationship with His Daughter
Chok Lam, despite bravely following her heart, acknowledged that she and her then-girlfriend Autumn were facing hardships in Canada. The couple began their relationship in 2017, the same year Chok Lam publicly came out as a lesbian. Chok Lam and Autumn, who is 12 years her senior, captured international attention when they got married in 2018.

Despite having a wealthy father, Chok Lam disclosed that she and Autumn were homeless and had resorted to living under a bridge. In April 2018, they recorded a video and uploaded it to YouTube, appealing for help as they struggled to meet basic living expenses.

Andi Autumn and Etta Ng pictured getting married in April 2018 | Source: YouTube/01official

Chok Lam and Autumn disclosed that they had been disowned by family and friends due to homophobia, leading them to avoid homeless shelters for fear of being separated. In the video, Chok Lam introduced Autumn as her partner and herself as Chan’s daughter, detailing their experience with homelessness, how long they had been without a stable home, and their current living conditions.

Now 23, Chok Lam explained that after exhausting all other options and receiving no assistance, she and her partner felt compelled to record the video as a last resort. She also urged viewers to share the clip, hoping to increase its visibility and find the help they desperately needed.

After seeing the video, her mother, Yi-lei, who had previously helped the couple by settling their unpaid hotel bill in Mong Kok, criticized their decision to make the video. She stated:

“I feel that if they have no money, they should go find work. They shouldn’t film a clip telling others they are broke and who Etta’s father is. People all over the world work hard and don’t rely on someone else’s fame to get money.”

Etta Ng Chok Lam and her spouse Andi Autumn pictured on a public outing | Source: YouTube/

Jackie Chan Opts to Leave His Fortune to Charity, Not His Children
In 2011, Jackie Chan announced that he would not be leaving his inheritance to his children, including his daughter and his singer-son Jaycee, whom he shares with his wife Joan Lin. Instead, he plans to donate his entire reported million-dollar fortune to charity.

The “Drunken Master” star, still one of the highest-paid actors, holds the belief that his son should earn his own way. He argues that if his son is unable to support himself, any inheritance he might receive would likely be squandered.

Jackie Chan and his son Jaycee Chan on April 1, 2009, in Beijing, China | Source: Getty Images

In 2018, Jackie Chan revised his previous decision about his estate, changing his will to leave all his assets to his wife, Lin, instead of donating everything to charity as he had initially planned.

Meanwhile, his daughter faced considerable hardship. In October 2022, Chok Lam was seen in Toronto, Canada, lining up for free food distributed to those in need. An unidentified person took her photo, which was then widely circulated online.

At the age of 22, Chok Lam was reportedly photographed standing in line for food alongside elderly and middle-aged women, carrying a blue bag. Sources indicated that she was working at a restaurant in Chinatown to make ends meet.

People have expressed sympathy for Chok Lam on social media, urging her father to acknowledge her situation and demonstrate his care.

Additionally, it appears that Chok Lam’s relationship with Autumn has ended, a development that aligns with her mother’s initial concerns. She had feared that Autumn married her daughter for ulterior motives.

Jackie Chan Criticized for Neglecting His Daughter
In the summer of 2023, Jackie Chan faced backlash from fans online who accused him of neglecting his openly gay daughter, Chok Lam. The controversy was ignited by a viral video clip from his film “Ride On,” which featured him in the role of a loving father. This portrayal contrasted sharply with his real-life relationship with Chok Lam, sparking significant criticism of the 69-year-old film star.

Initially well-received, public opinion shifted against Jackie Chan as more details about his strained relationship with his daughter emerged, leading to widespread criticism. Social media users condemned Chan for allegedly disowning his daughter due to her sexual orientation and highlighted their estrangement, particularly noting her financial struggles.

Initially, the emotional clip featuring Chan as a retired stuntman and film star named Luo Zhilong (Lao Luo) caused some confusion. However, attention soon shifted on social media to his strained relationship with his daughter, Chok Lam, sparking discussions among viewers.

“Every time I hear about this man and his children it’s always something negative. He’s definitely a horrible father,” commented one user. “The fact that the girl in the movie isn’t his actual daughter, and he’s estranged from his real-life daughter for being lesbian really says something, huh. This isn’t wholesome at all,” added another user, pointing out the discrepancy between his on-screen role and real-life actions.


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