Dennis Quaid Credits Faith for Overcoming Addiction: ‘Grateful Every Day for My Life

Dennis Quaid turns to faith amidst life’s obstacles, echoing a sentiment shared by many when navigating tough times.

“Every day that I’m alive, I feel grateful,” Quaid conveyed to People. “It’s crucial to savor your journey through life to the fullest, in spite of the numerous challenges that may arise.”

His path has been fraught with difficulties, notably his fight against addiction, which ensued after achieving early success. This struggle prompted him to seek assistance and check into rehab, a place he humorously dubs “cocaine school.”

Reflecting on a pivotal moment, Quaid said, “I had this epiphany, seeing myself either dead, incarcerated, or losing everything I cherished, and I was determined to avoid that fate.”

Quaid recognized his addiction as an attempt to fill an internal emptiness. Yet, it was his faith that brought him peace and a sense of completeness. He penned a song for his mother, marking his progress and began exploring spiritual texts, including the Bible and the Quran, finding comfort and direction within their pages.

Quaid shared, “It was then that I began to cultivate a personal connection with faith. Before this, despite being raised Christian, I didn’t truly have a personal relationship with faith.”

His spiritual exploration has profoundly influenced his current endeavors, including his upcoming album “Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners.” Quaid describes the album as introspective and reflective, steering clear of conventional religiosity.

“Regardless of whether you identify as Christian, we all share a connection with the divine,” Quaid pointed out.

He candidly discussed the initial allure of substance use as a means to find happiness and an escape, acknowledging that while substances might offer temporary joy, they ultimately lead to more significant issues. Quaid asserts that genuine happiness lies in appreciating life and our innate bond with the divine.

“The search for joy, which is truly a divine gift, involves recognizing our connection with God. That connection is fundamental to the joy of living,” he explained.

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