The Unexpected Parcel: A Surprising Call from His Parents

The arrival of care packages from parents, whether delivered via coach, minibus, or train, never fails to bring immense delight. However, as one student learned through an unexpected encounter, parental gestures can take a mischievous turn.

During his inaugural year at college, the student had recently settled into his residence hall in Bucharest when he received a call from his parents, promising to deliver a package.

Eagerly anticipating a trove of treats, he hurried to the train station upon their arrival, swiftly retrieving a sizable box.

Yet, upon unveiling its contents, his elation turned to bewilderment. Instead of the expected food, the box contained nothing but discarded wrappers and trash. Initially perplexed, the young man eventually uncovered a note that shed light on the prank.

The message pointed out his oversight in neglecting to tidy up his room before departure, accompanied by a straightforward request: ”

Please take away the trash.”

Having learned his lesson, the young man embraced the humor of the situation and shared the entire episode on his Facebook page.

The post swiftly gained traction, accumulating thousands of likes and comments, rapidly spiraling into viral status.

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