After my daughter severed ties with me, she now has the audacity to ask me to babysit.

Here’s a revised version of the passage:

“It’s invaluable to have relatives who can care for our children while we juggle work commitments, especially when it’s done without charge. However, given the past conflicts with our parents, is it reasonable to expect their assistance?

Rachel, a reader, shared her story with us, shedding light on her situation. After being estranged by her daughter, who now finds herself in a desperate situation raising her own children, reached out to Rachel for help.

Here’s what Rachel revealed:
“My daughter Amy has distanced herself from me since she turned 18. She excluded me from significant life events like graduations and engagements, and our communication is minimal.

Now a mother of two boys, Amy recently contacted me unexpectedly. Surprisingly, we had a conversation where Amy expressed how challenging it has been to raise her children without any support.”

She requested that I babysit them on Saturdays and fulfill my role as a good grandparent.

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I expressed to her that our bond had been irreparably damaged long ago, making it impossible for me to take care of her children now. In response, she accused me of selfishness and proceeded to block me on all communication platforms.

I’m grappling with whether my decision to decline helping my daughter with her kids was justified, considering the tumultuous history between us. Your insights and advice on this matter would be greatly valued.


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