The Remarkable Journey of the 16-Pound Giant Baby of 1983

Back in 1983, when 24-year-old Patricia Clarke discovered she was pregnant, she had a strong intuition that her unborn child would be on the larger side. With a history of big babies in her family and having already given birth to one, she wasn’t entirely surprised. However, the sheer enormity of her baby-to-be came as a shock.

When Kevin Robert Clark entered the world, he tipped the scales at over 16 pounds, making him an exceptionally large newborn. His birth at Community Memorial Hospital marked a milestone, as he was possibly the biggest infant ever born not only at the hospital but perhaps in all of New Jersey at that time.

Kevin’s parents were relieved to find that despite his size, he was perfectly healthy. However, standard-sized cots and baby clothes proved too small for him from the start.

Kevin’s remarkable stature quickly caught attention, propelling him to national fame after appearances on shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “Good Morning America.”

Setting an example of towering proportions, Kevin’s growth didn’t slow down. By the age of 12, he stood at 5 feet 7 inches tall, as reported by the New York Post. His height continued to surge, reaching 6 feet 5 inches upon entering junior high and continuing to develop from there.

Reflecting on his towering presence, Kevin shared with the Post, “There isn’t a day that goes by when someone doesn’t ask me how tall I am. I like to joke that I’m 5-foot-21. When people ask if I play basketball, I ask them if they play miniature golf.”

Now at 40 years old, Kevin resides with his 6-foot-tall wife and their Great Dane. A former soldier, he has grown accustomed to towering over others, effortlessly navigating life with his impressive stride. Recently, Kevin measured in at an astounding 6 feet 9 inches tall.

To delve deeper into Kevin’s extraordinary journey, watch the video below.

Source: InsideEdition/Youtube

Emerging into the spotlight from birth and enduring years of curious stares and questions must have posed its challenges for Kevin. However, it seems he’s navigating it all with admirable resilience. As he continues his journey forward, we can only wish him the very best.

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