Teacher Sits on Santa’s Lap Unaware It’s Her Soldier Son Bringing Holiday Surprise

Title: “A Soldier’s Christmas Surprise: Teacher Unwittingly Sits on Santa’s Lap, Not Knowing It’s Her Deployed Son”

The holiday season can be especially challenging for military families, as parents, spouses, and children eagerly await the safe return of their loved ones serving abroad. Kim Harris, a math teacher at Prairie Heights High School, found herself in this situation as her son, Army Spc. Ethan Harris, was deployed in Afghanistan.

Hoping for her son’s safe return for the holidays, Kim’s wish took an unexpected turn during the school’s Christmas breakfast lottery. As fate would have it, the rigged results ensured Kim’s name was called, and she was given the chance to ask Santa for her Christmas wish.

Little did she know, Santa was not just a festive visitor but a carefully disguised surprise guest. As Kim sat on Santa’s lap, expressing her selfless wish for “Peace on earth, goodwill to men,” Santa, inquired about the best gift she had received that year. Overwhelmed with emotion, Kim shared that her greatest blessing was having her son safely back from Afghanistan and stationed at Fort Campbell in Tennessee.

The magical moment reached its peak when Santa, pulling down his beard, revealed his true identity—Kim’s son, Ethan Harris. Having arrived a few days earlier and hidden at his sister’s house, Ethan orchestrated this heartwarming surprise to be with his family for the holidays.

As the video captures the tear-jerking reunion, Kim embraces her son, realizing that Santa was, in fact, Ethan. The Harris family, grateful for the assistance of those who helped execute the surprise, celebrates the joy of being together for the holidays.

Watch the heartwarming video below to witness this touching holiday surprise unfold!

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