Stevie Wonder’s Rare Public Moment: Singer Removes Sunglasses Mid-Speech, Video Goes Viral

Stevie Wonder, a celebrated musician known for his soulful voice, has been a prominent figure in music despite being blind shortly after birth. He has consistently appeared in public wearing his signature sunglasses. However, recent images capturing the singer without his sunglasses have quickly gone viral…

Now 72, Stevie Wonder has been a prominent figure in the music industry since he was just 13 years old. Despite his long career, many have never seen him without sunglasses. Born prematurely, Stevie was placed in an incubator where an excess of oxygen led to the loss of his sight due to a condition affecting the blood vessels behind his eyes.

Yet, his disability has never hindered his pursuit of musical excellence. By the age of 9, he was already proficient in multiple instruments, including the piano and drums.

Recently, images of Stevie Wonder without his sunglasses have gone viral. A video from his 1989 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony has resurfaced, capturing the attention of many as he delivers his speech. In the video, Wonder initially appears with his signature black sunglasses. Mid-speech, he pauses and requests the audience to stop. He then removes his sunglasses and asks everyone to close their eyes, leading them through a significant experience from his life.

Stevie Wonder captivated his audience with a profound reflection on the universal language of music. “The experience of hearing many different voices, from many different cultures around the world,” he began, highlighting the diversity of musical influences globally.

He eloquently described music’s power: “Through the eyes of our ears, we see the beauty of hope, the beauty of pain, the beauty of sorrow because through all those—through even the pain and sorrow, the hurt, the poverty, the war, the destruction—we see the beauty of the God within us. That voice, that instrument sounds so wonderful. That spirit is so wonderful. And when we think about that with our eyes closed… Dear God, let us play forever, let us sing forever…”

His speech emphasized the profound impact and importance of appreciating the beauty in music, regardless of life’s hardships.

Stevie Wonder’s incredible talent and his willingness to share his voice and musical gifts continue to inspire. Share this article with other fans of his music to spread the word about his impactful message!

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