She Lived on The Street But Did Not Ask for Money.

Residing on the streets, she refrained from begging for money, clutching a note instead and urging passersby to peruse its contents. After enduring 16 years of anonymity, someone finally paused to read the note, setting in motion a transformative sequence of events. Here is the narrative etched on that piece of paper…

An 80-year-old woman, Wanda Ritter, unfolded a poignant tale to the world, one that culminated in a surprisingly uplifting resolution.

Wanda had spent the past 16 years without the comfort of her own bed, persistently asserting that the government owed her $100,000. Labelled as eccentric by those around her, she relentlessly vocalized her claim every day. Accompanied by a suitcase brimming with documents and unpaid checks, she was dismissed as just another eccentric individual.

Despite being a locksmith and a mother of four, Wanda found herself on the streets of Washington, passionately proclaiming that the Social Security System owed her a substantial sum.

“I thought it was foolish to part with the documents,” she reflected. “I reasoned that if I did something irrational, people would dismiss me as crazy,” she elaborated.

However, fate took a turn when Julie Turner, a 56-year-old social worker, chanced upon Wanda’s story and became intrigued by her case. Upon scrutinizing the documents, Turner shook her head in disbelief.

Wanda wasn’t seeking mental health assistance; she was legitimately owed $100,000 by the government. This revelation prompted Turner to intervene and advocate for Wanda.

In a twist of irony, Wanda had been receiving monthly checks ranging from $300 to $900, but her skepticism led her to return them, suspecting an error. Undeterred, Ritter contacted Social Security Services to rectify the situation.

“If I had cashed them and claimed it was a mistake, who would have believed me?” Ritter mused, expressing her reservations.

Guided by the providential intervention of social worker Julie Turner, Wanda secured a $500 apartment. A week after the story gained widespread attention, Wanda received her first substantial check of $1,644 from Social Security.

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