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Upon hearing his wife sobbing behind the locked door, a concerned man implored her to share what had occurred. Upon opening the door, he anxiously questioned her. Distressed by the revelation from his 16-year-old niece in the kitchen, he couldn’t contain his emotions. The man, desperate for answers, pleaded with his wife to disclose the cause of her distress. It was only later, during a medical examination, that doctors revealed she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

The harsh side effects of the treatment caused her to lose her beautiful hair. To cope with her self-consciousness about her bald head, she regularly wore a wig for comfort. However, one day she woke up to find her wig missing. Seeking advice and judgment on the situation, the man anonymously shared his story on a Reddit “AITA” thread, hoping to ascertain if he was responsible for the disappearance.

Enduring chemotherapy for cancer had left the man’s wife with hair loss, making her hesitant to venture out in public with a bare head. Recognizing that her hair wouldn’t grow back soon, she opted for a wig resembling her original hair, a decision encouraged and supported by her spouse. Meanwhile, the man’s sister, facing post-divorce homelessness, sought refuge for herself and her twin daughters in her brother’s home. Compassionately, he welcomed them in, unaware of the challenges that lay ahead.

Curious about his sister’s emotional state, the man leaned in and asked, “What happened? Why are you crying?” With no compelling reason to decline, he allowed his sister and nieces to move in. Little did he know that the upcoming days would bring unforeseen developments. Upon settling in, the man’s nieces became captivated by his wife’s wig, inquiring about its purpose and expressing a keen interest in trying it on and touching it.

Furthermore, the girls sought permission from the woman to adjust and experiment with her wig, expressing curiosity about the possible outcomes. However, she firmly insisted on keeping the wig on, as she felt uncomfortable revealing her bald head in their presence. Several days later, upon returning home from work, the man heard his wife’s cries emanating from their bedroom. Despite his attempts to open the door, it remained unyielding, its iron knob resistant to his efforts.

Upon responding to his calls, the woman emerged from the room after finally opening the door. Concerned, the man leaned over and asked, “What happened? Why are you crying?” In response, the woman pointed angrily at the door and exclaimed, “They took away my wig!” Further investigation revealed that his nieces had seized the wig, refusing to return it until she ventured outside her room without wearing it. To compound the situation, they even recorded a video when she pleaded for the return of her wig.

Upon noticing the girls with their phones, the woman hurriedly retreated to her bedroom, barricading herself inside and resisting their persistent knocks. Infuriated upon hearing the story, the man stormed out of his bedroom and confronted the girls in the kitchen. Initially bewildered, the girls eventually surrendered the wig under his reprimand, with the man accusing them of degrading his wife by hiding it from her.

The man’s sister intervened, suggesting that his wife may be exaggerating, but the girls dismissed it as a joke, asserting that the woman had no reason to feel ashamed. Unswayed by their arguments, the man asserted that the girls were at fault for recording his wife, who was already uncomfortable without her wig. However, his sister remained unsupportive, accusing him of exaggeration.

Frustrated by the lack of acknowledgment from the girls and their mother, the man lost his temper and demanded his sister leave his home immediately. Later recounting the incident, the man mentioned, “They started crying and pleading with me to let it go when I told them about the eviction later because they thought I wasn’t serious.”

When the man’s sister sought their father’s assistance in allowing her and the nieces to stay, he refused, recognizing the discomfort they caused his wife. Despite the initial denial of permission to stay, the nieces persisted in pleading. To gauge whether he was justified in asking them to leave, the man shared the incident on Reddit.

One Redditor, Aunty Fascist, sided with the man, asserting that the 16-year-old girls should face consequences for their actions as they were old enough to understand the impact of their behavior. She recommended banishing them from the house for insulting the unwell wife. Another Redditor, Gypsy_teacher, shared that her 6-year-old son would comprehend if she expressed discomfort without a wig, highlighting the maturity expected from teenagers.

Expressing a more severe stance, Megalush argued that even her 7-year-old would never engage in such harmful behavior, deeming the actions of the nieces as inferior. Laulau88foo posed a thought-provoking question about the nieces’ perspective if someone had shaved their heads, laughed, and recorded it. In general, the consensus among Redditors was that the man was not to blame; rather, he acted appropriately by requesting their departure due to their unacceptable behavior.

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