After My Neighbor Entrusted Me with Her 6 Children, I Made a Critical Decision: Contacting Child Services

Once, my neighbor requested that I look after her six kids. It wasn’t an uncommon request from her, and typically, I declined. However, on this particular occasion, she left them at my doorstep, stating she’d return by Sunday. Concern started creeping in.

I attempted to reach out to her via message, but received no response. So, I decided to call her and expressed my growing unease, mentioning the possibility of contacting Child Services if she didn’t return promptly. She informed me she was quite a distance away and unable to return.

She even proposed that I take them to another neighbor, Jennifer, who was unwell. Feeling increasingly anxious, I decided to contact Child Services. They arrived and took the children into their care.

Later, my husband, who had experienced foster care himself, expressed anger. He believed I acted hastily by taking in the children and contacting Child Services without giving the mother’s suggestion a chance. He held me responsible for the separation of the children from their mother and expressed concern about their welfare in foster care. Drawing from his own difficult experiences in foster care, he feared for what might happen to the children.

Feeling overwhelmed with guilt and uncertainty, I found it difficult to sleep, consumed by doubts about whether I had made the right decision. The thought of admitting my mistake to Child Services and attempting to rectify the situation by reaching out to the children crossed my mind. The realization of how challenging foster care could be had not fully dawned on me until now.

Caught in the midst of a tough situation, I grappled with indecision, unsure of the best course of action moving forward.

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