Rachel Ward from ‘Thorn Birds’ Radiates at 65: Finding Love with a Co-Star and Embracing Grandmotherhood

Celebrated American actress Rachel Ward rose to prominence with her captivating portrayal in the 1983 series “The Thorn Birds.”

Even as she enters her mid-60s, fans continue to marvel at her timeless beauty, noting that she has retained much of her allure since her iconic performance in the series.

Ward’s journey in “The Thorn Birds” not only led her to fame but also to love. Her co-star, Bryan Brown, whom she met on set, became her husband, transforming their on-screen chemistry into a genuine bond.

Portraying the series’ lead alongside Brown as her on-screen spouse, their fictional romance seamlessly transitioned into reality, although their initial attraction was described as “simple.”

Ward’s role in “The Thorn Birds” not only catapulted her to fame but also introduced her to love. Her co-star, Bryan Brown, whom she encountered on set, eventually became her husband, transforming their on-screen chemistry into an authentic connection.

As they portrayed the series’ central couple, their fictional romance organically blossomed into reality, despite their initial attraction being described as “uncomplicated.”

During their time on set, Brown amusedly read Ward’s palm, foretelling that she would have three children. However, he cheekily added that he didn’t specify they would be his own.

Their journey to marriage had a rather unconventional beginning. Amidst a heated argument in Ireland, Brown proposed that if they were going to engage in such passionate disagreements, they might as well take the plunge and get married. The pair exchanged vows in Ward’s childhood home before making their home in Sydney, Australia.

Celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in April 2023, Ward and Brown have openly divulged the keys to their enduring and joyous marriage. At 65, Ward continues to exude timeless beauty.

In February 2023, Ward delighted fans by sharing a photo from the premiere of her film “Rachel’s Farm” at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Admirers were captivated by her radiant appearance, with many lauding her as a “goddess” and “remarkable.”

Beyond her illustrious acting career, Ward, alongside Brown, cultivated a loving family. They are proud parents to two daughters, Rosie and Matilda, as well as a son named Joe, all of whom have pursued careers in acting. Matilda has also delved into directing.

Matilda, aged 36, boasts credits in “Lessons from the Grave” and “How God Works.” Meanwhile, Rosie, aged 39, has made appearances in “Luther,” “Black Mirror,” and “See How They Run.” Joe, aged 31, has starred in “Rake” and “Let’s Talk About.”

As proud grandparents, Ward and Brown joyously welcomed their first grandchild, Zan, into the world in 2019. Brown’s unexpected presence during the delivery added a special touch to the cherished moment.

Despite their careers winding down and their children finding their own paths, Ward and Brown’s marital bond remains steadfast. They treasure family moments, holding them close to their hearts.

With more leisure time at their disposal, the couple shares a mutual passion for horseback riding. This shared interest has taken them to various destinations worldwide, from Bulgaria to Canada and Israel, with plans for more equestrian adventures, including in New Zealand.

In addition to outdoor pursuits, the couple relishes cozy evenings spent indulging in British TV shows. Brown humorously shared his tongue-in-cheek approach to sustaining a lasting marriage, advising men to unfailingly say ‘Yes’ to their wives and, in case of any mishap, readily admit, ‘It’s my fault.’

This lighthearted philosophy, combined with their shared interests and profound affection, has been instrumental in Ward and Brown’s enduring union. The couple frequently expresses their joy and devotion on social media platforms, where Ward proudly showcases her husband, underscoring their enduring and beautiful bond.

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