Queen Camilla, 76, Faces Harsh Criticism for “Sloppy” Appearance at Royal Event

When you marry into the Royal Family, you do so knowing that everything you do – and wear – will be scrutinized and discussed by the public.

Meghan Markle would likely agree with this, as would the late Princess Diana. Another woman who married into the Royal Family is Queen Camilla, whose union with King Charles made her one of the most senior members of the monarchy.

Today, Camilla has moved past the initial backlash surrounding her perceived usurping of Diana’s position, and she is generally well-liked and accepted by the British public. However, this doesn’t make her immune to criticism and online trolls, as demonstrated after the Order of the British Empire ceremony in London last week.

Camilla and King Charles attended the ceremony together last Wednesday, an event that recognizes “outstanding contributions to the war effort” and now honors people from all walks of life.

Unsurprisingly, the couple wore traditional royal attire for the occasion, with their outfits drawing significant public attention. While the ensembles worn by senior royals at prestigious events often come across as extravagant, it was what Camilla wore under her red silk dress robe that sparked conversation.

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

The 76-year-old Queen Camilla was seen wearing a floral-patterned dress, paired with light beige heels, charm bracelets, and diamond earrings.

However, she faced criticism on social media, with some users labeling her dress as a “house dress.”

Beneath a tweet featuring side-by-side photos of Queen Camilla and the late Queen Elizabeth II – both wearing the same red dress robe – some of the comments were less than flattering.

“Why is Camilla wearing a house dress under that cape?” one person commented on X.

Another remarked, “Does Camilla just throw a robe over her house dress?”

“The differences couldn’t be more stark, & the standards more far apart. 😣😭,” quipped a third.

A fourth shared, “I’m in the US and for what it’s worth, I think the Queen was just such a monumental figure and impossible to live up to. She always looked so regal wearing these types of traditional dress. Charles and Camilla look sloppy and far from regal.”

Critiquing the attire of Charles and Camilla, a fifth person expressed, “These traditional events are bad enough but to do it in those stodgy old costumes is nuts. Why can’t they wear modern versions […] They look like crazy people in these costumes. Diana would have modernized it.”

(Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Queen Camilla has recently assumed greater responsibility and importance, following the respective cancer diagnoses of her husband, King Charles, and Kate Middleton.

With Charles and Kate stepping back from the limelight to focus on treatment, other members of the Royal Family have stepped in to fill the void. Prince William has divided his time between his royal duties and supporting his wife, placing much of the pressure on Camilla’s shoulders.

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