Navigating Family Dynamics: My Husband Insists on Rent from My Mom to Live with Us

After Dad recently passed away, Mom has been feeling extremely sad and lonely. To help ease her pain, I suggested she move in with us so she could be close to her grandkids.

Initially, my husband refused, but he eventually agreed on the condition that she pays us rent. This infuriated me, as we own our house and don’t pay any rent ourselves.

With a smirk, he declared, “Your mother is a leech. Once she moves in with us, she’ll never leave.”

He continued, “She’ll consume our food, use our electricity… It simply doesn’t make sense for her to take advantage of it all for free. She needs to understand that this house isn’t a hotel!”

I was seething with anger. We both put in effort to buy this house, and we both have equal rights to it. It’s nonsensical to demand money from my mom.

Despite my frustration, I have to acknowledge that my husband isn’t inherently malicious. The truth is, he and my mom have never seen eye to eye. Just the other night, he confided in me, “Your mother has disliked me from the moment we met. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with her living with us now.”

I’m torn between my husband and my mom, who clearly needs her only daughter’s help right now. What should I do?

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