My son remains silent as his wife hurls insults at me — But he soon imparts a crucial lesson in front of our guests

A woman named Kate shared a narrative about her son’s choice of silence instead of defending her when his wife insulted her.

Kate had a passion for cooking, but since her husband’s passing, she found herself losing touch with that aspect of her life. Nevertheless, whenever a holiday approached, she would go all out preparing the most delectable dishes for her son John, especially during Christmas when he unfailingly showed up for his annual roast dinner.

This year, however, marked a departure from the norm, as John’s wife, Liz, joined the family dinner for the first time. While the two had been dating for quite some time, Liz had consistently spent Christmas at her parents’ house over the past couple of years.

Kate rose early, recognizing the need for ample time to prepare the centerpiece – a delectable chicken with a side of savory gravy, complemented by an array of side dishes and desserts cherished by her son.

In the midst of her culinary preparations, Liz entered the kitchen, engrossed in her phone and scanning the surroundings. A distasteful expression crossed her face, as if she had caught a whiff of something unpleasant. Undeterred, Kate, already toiling away and perspiring, chose to disregard the gesture, opting to remain silent.

Regrettably, the situation took a turn for the worse when Liz suddenly exclaimed, “Hey, Kate, maybe we should order food. Not everyone wants what you’ve cooked. I don’t know if everyone enjoys your cooking, either. Every aspect of Christmas is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone. They should enjoy the food, too!”

Predictably, Kate was taken aback by her daughter-in-law’s harsh words.

“I saw John leaning against the archway, nibbling on a carrot. He altogether avoided my gaze, looking over me and out the window across the room. I held back my tears and bit my lip,” she wrote in her post.

As the majority of the guests arrived and took their seats at the table, it became evident that they were thoroughly enjoying the feast Kate had diligently prepared for the evening.

In a moment of inquiry, John asked, “The food’s great, right? Everyone’s enjoying it?”

John’s uncle helped himself to another serving of roasted potatoes and responded, “Why wouldn’t we enjoy my sister’s food?”

“Because Liz said that the dinner might be ruined by Mom’s dishes. She wanted us to order in,” John explained.

“Nonsense!” Kate’s brother exclaimed as he dipped his potatoes into the gravy.

Upon hearing John’s revelation, he looked at his mom and smiled. Kate then realized that her son hadn’t reacted earlier because he was waiting for the opportune moment to teach his wife a lesson.

Liz turned red as everyone stared at her, and Kate admitted that she felt sympathy for her, considering it was her first Christmas with the family.

Later, while packing the dishwasher and clearing the dishes, Liz approached Kate.

“Kate, I’m sorry,” she said. “I was so wrong to do what I did. I am sorry, please understand.”

“Understand what?” Kate asked her.

“I only said that because John loves your food. He always talks about how you make all these special things for him. I can’t make a basic mac and cheese without him saying yours is better. I looked at the food, smelled all the delicious aromas from this kitchen, and panicked.”

“Liz, you should know that a boy and his mother’s food is a relationship in and of itself,” Kate said with a laugh, trying to diffuse the tension. “I can teach you how to cook just like me. My mother taught me everything I know.”

“Really?” Liz asked. “Even after I’ve been so horrible?”

“Yes,” Kate replied.

Fortunately, Kate understood that Liz’s intention wasn’t malicious; she simply felt threatened by her mother-in-law, but she soon learned it was for no reason.

Kate then took Liz to the Christmas tree and handed her the present she had bought for her.

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