My Sister’s Lavish Restaurant Invitation and the Vanishing Act in the Bathroom During Bill Time

Wild-Eggplant1780, a Reddit user, eagerly anticipated quality time with her recently relocated sister who had moved to a nearby town.

The excitement of shared experiences and creating new memories, however, turned to shock when her sister mysteriously vanished just as the bill arrived at the dinner table.

The sister had recently relocated to a town in close proximity, boasting a bustling shopping center adorned with a variety of enticing shops and restaurants. Among the establishments was a high-end restaurant that the Redditor and her husband occasionally indulged in.

Due to its elevated price range, typically ranging from $200 to $250 for dinner, visits to this upscale eatery were infrequent for the couple.

However, when the sister extended an invitation for dinner, she specifically proposed dining at this luxurious establishment.

Aware of the restaurant’s high prices, the Redditor suggested to her sister to review the menu beforehand, ensuring she was comfortable with the food prices. She also highlighted the presence of numerous other excellent and affordable dining options in the area.

Despite the alternatives, the sister remained adamant about trying the upscale restaurant. The Redditor, thrilled at the prospect of revisiting the place after a hiatus, eagerly agreed. The dinner outing unfolded splendidly, with the sister accompanied by her boyfriend, and the family enjoyed a delightful meal together.

Following the meal, the sister excused herself to visit the bathroom. However, as time passed without her return, her boyfriend grew concerned and decided to check on her. To the surprise of the Redditor and her husband, both the sister and her boyfriend were nowhere to be found.

Baffled, the couple went to investigate and discovered that they had left without a word. Perplexed and seeking answers, the Redditor reached out to her sister through texts and calls. The only response she received was a message that simply read, “Thanks for dinner; it was just as amazing as you said it would be.”

The woman and her husband found themselves in a state of bewilderment once again. Despite persistent attempts to communicate, the sister remained unresponsive to the messages questioning her unexpected departure and the ensuing unpaid bill.

Taking matters into her own hands, the Reddit user issued a warning to her sister: return to the restaurant within 30 minutes to settle the bill, or she would cover both her and her husband’s portions and allow the establishment to pursue legal action.

True to her word, after the designated time passed, the woman provided the restaurant with her sister’s details and paid for the outstanding amount. Unconvinced that her sister would actually follow through on the threat, the next day, the sister called in anger. She reported receiving calls from the restaurant demanding payment for her share of the meal.

Without a hint of remorse, the Redditor responded, stating, “I’m not surprised since she skipped out on her bill.” The sister, attempting to justify her actions, argued that she usually footed the bill for their dinners. However, the Redditor countered, revealing that the moment she requested separate checks and foiled her sister’s plan to evade payment, the sister hastily retreated to the bathroom with the intention of ditching the bill altogether.

The woman firmly explained to her sister that while she had covered dinners in the past, those expenses amounted to a maximum of $60, not the substantial $450 bill for a dinner for four. She reminded her sister that she had cautioned about the restaurant’s high prices and had never agreed to foot the bill for everyone.

In response to her sister’s refusal to settle the bill and a plea to pay on her behalf to avoid embarrassment, the woman maintained her stance, advising her sister to face the responsibility or risk involving the police. Despite the family’s involvement, pressure persisted on the Redditor to cover the bill.

Seeking opinions from other Reddit users, the woman expressed her discomfort and anger over her sister’s handling of the situation. The majority of commenters sided with the Redditor, commending her for standing her ground and not covering the expensive meals for her sister and her boyfriend. Many labeled the sister’s actions as “scammy” and emphasized that the assumption of someone else covering the bill, especially for an expensive meal, was inappropriate.

Some commenters pointed out the unwritten rule that dining-out expenses are typically split unless someone has explicitly volunteered to cover the entire bill. Additionally, given that the sister had extended the invitation, several users argued that the Redditor had no reason to assume her bill would be covered.

One commenter expressed surprise at the sister’s behavior, likening it to something expected from a 16-year-old and suggested a possible break from future outings with her. The sentiment among several users was that such financial expectations were unreasonable and strained the sisterly relationship.

The woman shared additional context about her sister often commenting on her income and feeling more like a “piggy bank” than a sister. Instances where her sister made financial comparisons and assumptions about her ability to afford certain things added to the Redditor’s frustration, making her question the sincerity of their sibling bond.

In the end, opinions varied, but a significant number of commenters supported the Redditor’s decision not to pay the bill and let the restaurant handle the situation. The consensus leaned toward the view that the sister’s financial expectations were unjustified, and the Redditor was justified in standing up for herself.

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