My daughter-in-law wants me to babysit her kids 9 hours per day for a week and sets lists of conditions.

A grandmother found herself in a quandary when her daughter-in-law, who had been a stay-at-home mom for four years, requested her to babysit her two children, aged four and two, for nine hours a day for a week. The daughter-in-law had recently secured employment and required childcare until the daycare could accommodate the children.



Nevertheless, the grandmother declined the request due to the daughter-in-law’s extensive list of rules for the children. These rules encompassed a vegetarian diet, strict language control, a ban on TV, and scheduled enrichment activities.

Faced with the urgency of not wanting to lose the job opportunity, the daughter-in-law, in tears, reached out to the grandmother, pleading for assistance. In search of guidance, the grandmother turned to Reddit, seeking opinions on whether her refusal was justified or if the daughter-in-law’s demands were unreasonable.



The responses on Reddit varied, with some backing the grandmother’s decision, emphasizing that grandparents shouldn’t be taken for granted as free childcare. On the other hand, others argued that she should extend help to her son and daughter-in-law for the sake of family support.

Criticism was directed towards the daughter-in-law, with some perceiving her rules as excessive for a short-term arrangement, sparking further debate on the balance between familial obligations and individual preferences.


Various suggestions emerged, with some proposing that the week could be viewed as a vacation for the grandchildren, allowing for more flexibility in adhering to the daughter-in-law’s rules. Conversely, there were opinions suggesting that the grandmother should prioritize family commitments over spending time with friends during that particular week, emphasizing the importance of supporting one’s immediate family. The diverse perspectives highlighted the complexity of balancing personal boundaries with family responsibilities.

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